Thursday, 7 July 2016

US Treachery Explodes Terror Proxies

July 06, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "Sputnik"- The terror proxies that the Central Intelligence Agency has furnished in Syria over the past five years no doubt smell a rat that Washington is about to sell them out. In the last week, a wave of deadly bombings connected to al-Qaeda-linked extremists – from Bangladesh to Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia – has resulted in over 200 deaths. The latest violence attributed to the radical Wahhabi terrorists saw suicide attacks in three Saudi cities on Monday, including Medina and Jeddah, where the target in the latter place was the US consulate building. 

The following extract from a previous post [1] explains the US treachery towards its terrorist allies.

Last year on September 13, a partial solar eclipse fell at [20 Virgo] conjunct the US Sibly Neptune [22Virgo]. And since Neptune was square Mars in the Sibly, it referred to the possibility of duplicity (Neptune) in war (Mars) apart from a weakening and disintegration (Neptune) of the war effort (Mars). The eclipse was conjunct the star  Denbola in the hind of the Lion.

This area of late Leo is of foul breezes and smoke screens. It is also of those behind the scenes, of political-religious figureheads manipulating the affairs of the world for personal motive while offering salvation from the human struggle.  It is also of global-level grand spectacle, often time of a diversionary nature created by world powers with hidden agenda .

Taking up from there let us remember that in astrological analysis it is best to always focus  on the “big picture.” That grand evolutionary perspective emerges most clearly when we reflect on the slow-moving, theme-building planet — basically the transits of everything out beyond Mars, plus the progressions.

Currently, Saturn [11sa] is retrograding in transit  over the Sibly Ascendant [12sa]. It will station on August 24 opposite radix Uranus and once again move over the Ascendant in direct motion. When Saturn moves over the Ascendant, most often relationships with partners end if adjustments can't be made. On the descendant with Uranus is the asteroid Persephone while the asteroid Panacea squares both. Martha Wescott interprets the combinations as under:

Panacea-Uranus: People may be concerned with trying to solve some problems but others are indifferent, detached or insisting on their own solutions or just acting a little bit (or a lot) on the nutz (or cold) side.

Persephone-Uranus: Separation (Persephone) from people who were thought of as friends (Uranus).

Since the Ascendant is semi-square radix Pluto [27cp], transit Saturn is also making a hard aspect to Pluto. About Saturn-Pluto, Steven Forrest writes:

Astrologer Grant Lewi, decades ago began to speak of Saturn as “the cosmic paycheck”. His implication was that under passing Saturn symbolism, we would all "get what we deserve". That phrase – “get what we deserve” is something of an inkblot test. Some of us may hear it ominously, others encouragingly. And both possibilities are on the radar screen when Pluto links to Saturn. Either way it is a make it or break it time in which a certain confrontation , both with oneself and with circumstance, has taken on a quality of inevitability or “fate”. What happens if we have been overindulging in denial, projection and laziness? What kind of paycheck  can we expect then? Here we see the dark side of Pluto-Saturn possibilities. Our worst fears come true. The one thing we couldn’t handle looms in our face.

Having betrayed its allies, the US doesn’t know what to do!

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