Sunday, 14 August 2016

16-year-old South African invents wonder material to fight drought

South Africa's worst drought in recorded history has left eight of the country's nine provinces in a state of disaster, with thousands of communities and millions of households facing water shortages. The agricultural union Agri SA has requested over $1 billion in government subsidies to help farmers through the crisis, but a cut-price solution could soon be available -- from an unlikely source. Johannesburg schoolgirl Kiara Nirghin, 16, recently won the Google Science Fair's Community Impact Award for the Middle East and Africa with her submission "No More Thirsty Crops." Aug.9

Astrologers recognize that eclipses begin to influence events at least three months prior to their actual occurrence. It is also known that an eclipse can be pre-triggered by planets passing over the eclipse point. The upcoming eclipse [9vi] of September 1 is part of a T-square with Mars-Saturn-Neptune that straddles the horizon axis at Johannesburg. This eclipse has been pre-triggered by Mercury in transit moving over [9vi] on August 6, just three days before the news.

Saturn-Neptune can manifest as water (Neptune) shortages (Saturn) so that drought often takes place under aspects between Saturn and Neptune [1]. Uranus which forms hard aspects to Saturn-Neptune is concerned with progressive and changing ideas. The Saturn-Uranus combination suggests the giving of form to new ideas.

In addition we find that Mars-Saturn on the Ascendant are conjunct stars of Hercules. More specifically Mars is conjunct the star Sarin and Ras Algethi. About this constellation, Nick Fiorenza writes [2]:

Hercules stands upside down in the northern Heavens, above Ophiuchus and this entire scene, with his feet (foundation) in the celestial dome (seven Heavens), in the realm of the gods, and with his head and hands at work in the realm of humankind. With his head and other hand, Hercules demonstrably aids those in the incarnate world to claim their freedom from perpetuated entrapment.
Ras Algethi, the head of Hercules, is the lucida (brightest star) of this constellation. Hercules is one seeded from another realm, who is intimately aware of the dilemma of this realm and its cause (the amalgamation of those from the heavens with those from the Earth). His beauty and intelligence (from Alcmene) and his wisdom of evolutionary matters along with his shrewd sagacity (from Zeus) is the motivation driving his actions. His presence upon this solar system's (soul's) incarnational plane is thus of a service capacity and mission of evolutionary proportion. Ras Algethi embodies the wisdom of Herculis and is of undaunted dedication with his entirety of being to ensure the evolutionary freedom for all souls on the Earth. Also conjoining Ras Algethi is Sarin, Delta Hercules, composing (with Kornephorus) the shoulder of Hercules. Sarin embodies the essence of Hercules' "sense of responsibility" to aid others in attaining their freedom in life.

Doesn’t the young heroine Kiara Nirghin fit the description perfectly?!

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