Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Birds Fly Faster as Flocks Get Bigger

While it might be easy to imagine that the more crowded a bird flock becomes, the slower the whole process must also become, the opposite turns out to be true. For the first time, it's been proven that the bigger a bird flock becomes, the faster the birds that comprise it will fly. The discovery comes thanks to scientists from Sweden's Lund University, who took a look at the flight speed of birds in an effort to determine which factors influenced how fast they would fly. Aug. 16 

The news on the surprising discovery that the size of the flock has a strong bearing on flight speed comes just before the Full Moon eclipse of August 18. At Lund, Sweden, the eclipse chart has Uranus on the descendant as part of a complex formation with the eclipse luminaries, Jupiter and the TNP Cupido. Keywords and phrases for the elements are as below:

Jupiter: long distance travel; good fortune; helping others; the larger, the better.
Cupido: Family or groups.
Uranus: surprises; unexpected discoveries.
Cupido-Jupiter: Family members travelling together or group travel; large groups.
Jupiter-Uranus-Cupido: unexpected good fortune that results from working together or helping each other in group situations.

And finally the most interesting element of the chart is the star Gienah, epsilon Cygni, which is conjunct the eclipse Moon. This star is in the leading edge of the Swan’s wing (see image). Here the Swan is representative of all migratory birds and perhaps the star in its wing, read in conjunction with the foregoing, is focusing our attention on  how migratory bird flights may be surprisingly helped by group action.

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