Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Canada's stolen daughters

Perseus and Andromeda by Giorgio Vasari (1511)

Winnipeg, Canada (CNN)As Lauren Chopek painfully details her story, she does so with the reticence of a survivor, as if somehow remaining silent would have been better. "I used to blame myself for everything. But, like I, I would say I let them do that to me. I am dirty. It's my fault," says Chopek through tears. But Chopek is finally speaking out, determined to shake the guilt and shame that she knows should stalk her perpetrators instead of her. "Now I see that I was just a child," says Chopek, now sitting serenely in a safe house, a healing lodge in rural Manitoba that cradled her in the love and protection she so needed when she escaped her life on the streets. Aug. 23 http://edition.cnn.com/2016/08/23/world/canada-indigenous-sex-trafficking/index.html

In his post on the August New Moon, Darkness & Delusion to Light & Illumination, Nick Fiorenza writes:

The August 2, 2016 New Moon lies amongst the stars of the Egyptian Scarabaeus (our modern Crab), between Acubens and Asellus Aus of Cancer…Cancer, commonly the crab today, is also the Egyptian Scarabaeus, an image that articulates the theme of humanity's emergence from suppression, darkness, dogma, and delusion and its reawakening back to light. The Scarab is an appropriate mythical figure here because the beetle emerges from its snuggle in its own dung, where it matures. This theme also applies to our individual emergence from the family nest of the collective consciousness that we acquiesce to and uphold. The Scarab is a symbol of regeneration, transformation and re-birth, of being self-created, or self-made, to rise from itself—hence humanity's association with the beetle’s emergence. http://lunarplanner.com/index.html

If we remember that the various phases of the Moon are intrinsically connected to the New Moon message, then the August 24, Last Quarter (LQ) phase chart at Winnipeg begins to acquire meaning that explains the news. Notice that the LQ Moon is anchored to the MC and  Admetus-Pluto.

Admetus-Pluto: To come to recognize what can no longer be endured – and to deal with the accrued consequences of having pushed the self too far; having delayed elimination of intolerable problems, one faces confrontation (with self/others) and experiences a need for return to integrity – a need to know where one stands (and then to decide if one is willing to stand there!) [1].

The Moon [2ge]  conjoins Mirphak (Alpha Perseus). Perseus, in the story of Andromeda and the Royal Family, is the hero who slays Medusa, the Gorgon with seven snakes for hair, and then frees the princess Andromeda from being devoured by Cetus the Sea Monster [2]. Mirphak inspires responsible action to claim the true gift from the inner refinement we have gained through our past initiatory fires. Here we must acknowledge that our trials had to precede stepping forth into a greater fulfillment and our future destiny [3].

[1] The Orders of Light; Martha Lang-Wescott

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