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Did Hillary Commit Perjury By Lying to Congress?

The Virgin and the Crow

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte are making the case Clinton committed perjury by either lying to the FBI or lying under oath during Congressional testimony.  In a letter sent to U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Channing Phillips Monday, Chaffetz and Goodlatte outlined their case by highlighting numerous examples of Clinton's own conflicting statements about her private email server. Aug. 15

In this post we examine the astrological reasons why it is possible that Hillary’s lies could bring her big trouble. Hillary Clinton was born 26 October 1949. Her horoscope shows a Mercury-Neptune-South Node conjunction. A planet conjunct the south node works exactly as a planet conjunct the Sun – except that we are looking at the person’s identity in a prior life. Back then the person was seen as an embodiment of that planet. For Mercury-Neptune, Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas write:

Mercury-Neptune aspect  can indicate someone who finds it easy to lie, deceive or distort the truth [1].

Adding to the picture are the stars of Corvus that form a backdrop to the Mercury-Neptune-S.Node conjunction. About Corvus, Deborah Houlding writes:

Corvus is the Latin name for both the raven and the crow and these two birds are usually paired together in mythology. From the same family, their obvious intelligence and ingenuity, as well as their distinctive caw, has given them a widespread association with trickery, storytelling, the relaying of messages, and the serving of self-interest. But the colour of their plumage has also drawn a universal connection with malevolence, sinister forces, and ominous warnings. The stars of Corvus share this reputation and the classical myths that relate to the constellation speak of mistrust, shameful motives, insincerity, glorification in the misfortune of others, and the bearing of bad news [2].

When a planet transits the nodal axis it brings forth a certain type of karma. Gradually, all of our karmic potentials that have ripened manifest in this lifetime. We experience the results of what we have created in the past, for good or ill. Obviously, not all transits are equally powerful. A transit of Mercury may stimulate the axis for a few days and may not amount to much. But a transit of Pluto in hard aspect to the south node may change our lives for ever. And that is exactly what is happening in Hillary’s chart.

The table below is a list of Pluto and Jupiter transits to Mercury-Neptune and her nodal axis taking place currently.


Hillary Clinton - Natal Chart
 26 Oct 1949, 8:02 am, CST +6:00
 Chicago Il, 41°N51', 087°W39'
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Koch Houses,  True Node

Selection: Outer transit aspects

P1 (H)          Asp                P2 (H)          EXL                Type             Date                                    

Plu (2)         Sqr                 Nep (11)    (X)                  Tr-Na            16 Jan 2016                   
Plu (2)         Sqr                 Nep (11)    (X)                  Tr-Na            3 Aug 2016                     
Plu (2)         Sqr                 Nep (11)    (X)                  Tr-Na            16 Nov 2016                 
Jup (11)      Cnj                 Nep (11)    (X)                  Tr-Na            23 Nov 2016                 

*** END REPORT ***

When Pluto hard aspects Neptune, it  opens the way for truth to emerge by dismantling lies and structures of consciousness that obscure it. If we are unwilling to do that ourselves, we are often forced by others to acknowledge our lies.

Going back to Hillary’s natal chart notice that the various elements conjunct her South Node are spread from about 10 Libra to 17 Libra. Diana Rosenberg mentions that is an area of the Raven’s head and neck and the Virgin’s chest so that there is a liability to throat and lung problems and head ailments, including insanity, paralysis. This supports news about her health issues [3][4].

[1] The Inner Planets: Building Blocks of Personal Reality



[4] The Hillary Clinton Cough Compilation - YouTube

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