Sunday, 14 August 2016

Fires Race Across California

Los Angeles (AFP) -- A massive wildfire has destroyed scores of buildings and threatens to raze several vineyards in California, where a prolonged drought has left vegetation tinder-dry, officials warned Tuesday.The Soberanes fire, in the coastal Big Sur tourism hotspot, has incinerated 105 square miles (270 square kilometers) of the Los Padres National Forest since it started more than two weeks ago. Some 5,000 firefighters are battling the blaze, which is just 50 percent contained, Rigoberto Herrera of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire) told AFP. Aug.10

A chart for the current New Moon of August 2 drawn for Big Sur can help explain the disastrous blaze. Astrologers have long recognized that angles are of paramount importance in mundane astrology. No matter how significant a planetary configuration , it will not show up as events unless it is anchored to the angles through aspects. Here we see that the New Moon highlights the Saturn-Neptune square and also straddles the horizon axis. In the previous post we saw that Saturn-Neptune  is associated with scarcity (Saturn) of water (Neptune) and therefore droughts. However, Saturn [9sa52] is conjunct the star Antares [9s59]. Antares, which was Sin, the heart of the ancient Chinese Sky-Dragon , was also called Ta-Ho, the Great Fire! About this area Diana Rosenberg writes:

These stars were transited in 1184 when a fire destroyed England’s Glastonbury Abbey with its library; in 1834 when a great fire destroyed London’s Palace of Westminster; in 1871 at the Great Chicago Fire and Pestigo, WI fires whipped by high winds; at Vienna’s Ring Theatre Fire of 1881 that killed 850; at the Newhall Hotel, Milwaukee Fire of 1883; at the 1942 Boston,MA Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire that trapped, burned and asphyxiated 492; at the Atlanta, GA 1946 Winecoff Hotel fire that left 119 dead; at the Aries Ingress of 1987 at Mohe, Manchuria preceding the “Great Black Dragon Fire:” the worst forest fire in 300 years that destroyed prime timber in vast stretches of China and the Soviet Union and many others.

Quite often, one will notice that the theme of the stars on the angles resonate with the central theme of the mundane map, thereby energizing it further. Here the Ascendant [11sc] is conjunct the star mu Librae [14sc]. This was a star of the ancient Akkad’s mansion Mulu-Izi, “Man of Fire” and here too Diana Rosenberg records several incidents connected with fires under this star.

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