Thursday, 4 August 2016

Geologic Evidence May Support Chinese Flood Legend

Nearly 4,000 years ago, a landslide sent boulders and sediment tumbling into a valley of the Yellow River. The carnage created a massive earthen dam some 660 feet (200 meters) tall, cutting off the river for months. When that dam finally burst and the river broke free, a massive flood raged across the countryside—and potentially altered the course of Chinese history. That’s the story told by sediments and archaeological remains described Thursday in a provocative new study published in Science. If correct, the geologic evidence provides a kernel of truth to one of the country’s most important legends: a great flood that paved the way for the Xia, China’s semi-mythical first dynasty. August 4;

This story of an ancient dam burst comes to us just as the Sun triggers the Saturn-Neptune square. Presented are two charts drawn for the co-ordinates of the Jishi Xia Gorge. The first chart is for the exact mundane trine of Sun to Saturn (Aug. 2) and the second is for the exact mundane quincunx to Neptune (Aug.3). Notice that both have the complex Saturn-Neptune-Uranus combination aspecting the angles. 

We often think of Saturn as a boundary, a wall or a resistance while Neptune symbolizes water. Here, in addition Neptune [11pi] is conjunct stars in the Water Pourer’s Urn. Do we have the image of a dam? Uranus[24ar] is the harbinger of change and shatters the crystallised form of Saturn. But interestingly here  Uranus is also conjunct the star Acamar. Theta (θ) Eridanus, Acamar, is a star in the River (see image) [1]. Uranus is square the Moon [25cn48]. And the Moon  is conjunct (a) alpha Canis Minor (Procyon – 25cn57) which was part of Nan-Ho, the Southern River (b) Chi Geminorium (Pollux’s cap – 27cn24) which was the ancient Chinese asterism Tsi-Choui, The Accumulated Waters or the Massed or Swollen Waters [2].  

We now have a clear image of a dam bursting. The philosopher Plotinus said, “Things are signs”. To the ancients, the world was the expression of a vast web of harmony. Symbols reflect a multidimensional view of life itself and they have the potential for interpretation on many different levels simultaneously. In other words, they reflect a deeper play of universal principles. If we can apprehend them through a metaphoric mode of consciousness there arises a possibility of sorting out problems  in our own personal lives and begin to live in tune with those principles.  

[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p.703)

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