Sunday, 28 August 2016

Houthi forces capture key base in Saudi Arabia

The Houthi forces, backed by the Yemeni Republican Guard, seized a key military base in the Najran area of southern Saudi Arabia, Al-Masirah News Agency reported on Friday night. According to Al-Masirah, the Houthi forces and Yemeni Republican Guard managed to capture the bases in east Shabakah, which is located in the Najran Valley of Saudi Arabia. The Houthi forces have two of the Saudi Army’s flanks surrounded, leaving them in a dire situation inside their own country. Aug. 26

The Saudi strategy in Yemen is suffering a complete collapse. A year old  article How Saudi Arabia got its Yemen campaign so wrong  [1] explains the reasons behind the current debacle. As multiple enemies are defeating Saudi forces, Houthi-rebels are aiming to occupy the southern provinces of Saudi Arabia. On Friday US Secretary of State John Kerry revealed a plan to restart talks to end the ongoing civil war in Yemen. However, the Houthis are not interested in taking part in any peace talks as they are winning the war and see this as a ploy to buy time and stop their successful advance into Saudi Arabia.

A chart for the upcoming solar  eclipse drawn for Riyadh shows why  the Saudi position has become so difficult. Notice that the eclipse is part of a Mars-Saturn-Neptune-Node T-square that straddles the horizon axis and is therefore very significant for the place.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction is placed on the Ascendant. When Mars, the god of war, aligns with Saturn, the destructive combination often gives rise to violence and war. However, a Mars-Neptune square often leads us to take an action that is impractical. It ultimately results in impaired effectiveness, once the ignored factors' presence is unmistakably asserted.  Ebertin gives the following interpretation of the combination:

Mars-Neptune-Saturn: Misdirected energy; failures caused through absence of plans; unfortunate consequences as a result of a weak will.


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