Monday, 29 August 2016

Istanbul to dedicate monument to famous and beloved cat

Tombili, an Istanbul cat who became a social media phenomenon for a photo of him casually posing on a sidewalk in the city’s Ziverbey neighborhood, died on Aug.1. Tombili, whose fame spread worldwide after his iconic picture appeared on comic site 9GAG, died after a month-long illness. His death was announced by a notice hung on a tree in the neighborhood’s Güleç Street.  “You will live in our hearts,” the notice read.

Amongst those who have little or no practical acquaintance with the science of the stars, it is probable that the subject is believed to begin and end with the horoscope of birth. Important as Natal Astrology is, however, it might be easily argued that there is another branch  surpassing it in value and interest, namely that which is called Mundane Astrology. One of the tools routinely used by Mundane astrologers are the Cardinal Ingresses of the Sun. Progressing the ingress chart can reveal delightful details of news events that would be impossible to track otherwise.

Shown here is the chart for the Cancer ingress of  the Sun at Istanbul progressed to August 1, the day the beloved Turkish cat Tombili died. Notice that the powerful Mercury-Saturn-Jupiter –Neptune-Node straddles the horizon axis. Here Jupiter and the Node are conjunct the Eye Nebula (15vi32) part of the constellation Felis, the Cat. Saturn is conjunct the asteroid Aesculapia linked to illness while the Mercury-Saturn opposition on the horizon brings news (Mercury) of death (Saturn).

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