Monday, 8 August 2016

Japanese Emperor Akihito hints at abdication

The Emperor of Japan has expressed concern over his ability to carry out his duties fully as he ages, hinting that he would like to abdicate in a rare public statement. In his second-ever video address to the public, Emperor Akihito suggested a need to consider how to make the succession process smoother. "Fortunately I am now in good health. However, when I consider that my fitness level is gradually declining, I am worried that it may become more difficult for me to carry out my duties as the symbol of the state," he told the nation. July 8

The horoscope of Emperor Akihito is available at Astro-Databank [1]. His current solar arc progressions are listed below:

Akihito - Natal Chart
 23 Dec 1933, 6:39 am, JST -9:00
 Tokyo Japan, 35°N42', 139°E46'
 Geocentric Tropical Zodiac
 Koch Houses,  True Node

Selection: Solar Arc Dirns planets

P1 (H)          Asp                P2 (H)          EXL                Type             Date            

Ura (7)         Sqr                 MC (10)      (X)                  Sa-Na            15 Apr 2016  (natal opposition)                      
MC (1)         Sqr                 Adm (3)      (X)                  Sa-Na            28 Jul 2016  (natal opposition)                        
MC (1)         Sqr                 Had (3)        (X)                  Sa-Na            9 Nov 2016 (natal opposition)  

*** END REPORT ***

MC square Admetus-Hades
One has been attempting to endure professional responsibilities in face of decline.

Uranus square MC
Need to break away from job routine and professional responsibilities.

The Emperor is also going through his Uranus Return. In his natal horoscope, Uranus is placed in the 4th house opposite his MC. The 4th house is linked to the “end of life as well  as the vulnerability of old age” [2].

As I mentioned in the previous post significant events often occur when transits of faster moving planets trigger important long term configurations. On August 6-7 transit Mercury was forming a T with the Saturn-Neptune square. A chart drawn for the Mercury-Neptune opposition at Tokyo has the T straddling the meridian axis giving it added importance for the place. Mercury is linked with announcements while a keyword for Saturn-Neptune is “renunciation”[3].

[3] The Combination of Stellar Influences; Reinhold Ebertin 

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