Friday, 26 August 2016

Making a Murderer

The conviction of Brendan Dassey, a Wisconsin man who appeared in the documentary "Making a Murderer," has been overturned by a federal judge 9 (on Aug.13) in Milwaukee, according to court documents obtained by CNN. His uncle, Steven Avery, the subject of "Making a Murderer," is in a Wisconsin prison also serving time for Halbach's murder. Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey were convicted of murdering photographer Teresa Halbach and burning her body after she came to take photos of a van at the Avery family’s auto salvage yard on Halloween 2005. The defense attorney representing Steven Avery has filed a motion (on Aug. 26) that accuses investigators of framing the Wisconsin man and demands access to a long list of physical evidence so she can have it all analyzed using advanced scientific tests she says didn’t exist during Avery’s 2007 trial, in which he was convicted of murder and sentenced to life without parole.

Reviewing world news [1] in the light of astrology can be very rewarding as it helps understand how planetary aspects show themselves in events. The conviction of Brendan Dassey was overturned by a federal judge on Aug. 12 just a day before Saturn turned direct. A chart for the event has the Sun beginning its trine to Uranus on the MC. Don’t forget…this is the Sun, in Leo, and Uranus, in Aries, both Fire Signs. Their combined heat creates a desire for liberation from any situation that inhibits freedom. And that would be especially true here since Uranus is in hard aspect to a Mars-Saturn (police - the executive arm of the law) conjunction.

In the last few days, Mars's conjunction to Saturn also brought a simultaneous square to Neptune, due to that ongoing Saturn-Neptune square which dominates the year's astrology. Mars-Neptune squares often lead us to take an action which ultimately results in impaired effectiveness, once the ignored factors' presence is unmistakably asserted. With Mars having to navigate both Saturn's and Neptune's influences, the police  shut its eyes to how someone might unfortunately suffer from the fallout of blindly stalking its singular target.

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