Thursday, 4 August 2016

Pigeon breaks 100kph on Dutch highway

A pigeon was filmed zipping between cars and racing down a busy highway in the Netherlands at impressive speeds of up to 100kph (60mph). The bird had no problem keeping up with traffic and overtook several cars along the way, at times coming very close to making contact with vehicles that would have surely blown the plucky pigeon to smithereens. Aug. 4

The news comes just after the New Moon of August 2. A chart for the Moon phase drawn for Amsterdam has the luminaries aspecting the angles. On the IC [28ge03] are the stars eta Lepus, the Hare [29ge] and gamma Columbae, in the Dove’s wing [29ge]. Do we have the image of a fast moving (Lepus) Dove (Columba) that matches the event in the new?!

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