Thursday, 25 August 2016

The huge ghost airport where planes go to sleep

(CNN)On a cold, dry plain in rural eastern Spain, 1,000 meters above sea level, a surreal scene greets drivers speeding along the Mudejar Highway inland from the Mediterranean sea. Line after line of enormous jumbo jets appear silhouetted against the horizon. It's not a mirage, but the site of the largest industrial airport in Europe. Located outside the town of Teruel, the smallest of all Spanish provincial capitals, this is not a typical airport. This airport was built with other purposes in mind. It hosts aircraft from all over the world that have been withdrawn from service, be it temporarily or permanently, and caters to their maintenance needs. What it's not, however, is an aircraft junkyard. Some aging airliners may be scrapped here (after being stripped for valuable parts and spares) but plenty of new, perfectly serviceable aircraft are stored in Teruel. Some are ready to fly but are waiting for financial or legal issues to be sorted out. Some are here because their airlines need to temporarily adjust capacity to cope with fluctuating market conditions. May 16

No news report is without a connection to what is happening in our skies. As the ancients would say, “As above so below”, the timing of everything that happens on earth is influenced by what is happening in the solar system. The news on the Teruel airport came just a week before Mars in its long retrograde cycle reached its opposition to the Sun, often referred as the start of its synodic cycle. A chart drawn for the event at Teruel is shown here. Notice the opposition along with Moon,Saturn and the TNP Admetus completes a T-square with the Ascendant. The following edited extract from Jessica Adams explains how Saturn in Sagittarius is affecting the airline industry.

Sue Tompkins, author of The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook (Flare, 2006) notes ‘Sagittarius is the sign associated with travel.’ It is the ingress Saturn in Sagittarius, though, on Tuesday 23rd December 2014 that really rings the changes. There is no turning back from that point and we will have to live with new realities.

In the light of the above, the Mars synod in Sagittarius is another milestone in our understanding of a difficult new cycle for the airline industry. But perhaps what completes the picture is the presence of the TNP Admetus. Keywords for Admetus [1] include storage and inventory so that the airport here is acting as a sort of holding point for the aircrafts as the airline industry goes through a difficult phase.

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