Monday, 15 August 2016

The 'puzzling' disappearance of an Indian military plane

On 22 July, an Indian military plane with 29 people on board, including six crew members, went missing over the Bay of Bengal. More than three weeks and a massive search operation later, there is no trace of the plane. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar says experts he's spoken to are "puzzled by the sudden disappearance" of the plane.

The last powerful Total Solar Eclipse of March 9 took place in the 12th house (mysteries) at Madras. It was opposite Jupiter in the 6th house (armed forces) and square Saturn in the 9th (air travel, aircrafts).

The 12th house represents matters that are hidden, restrained, secret, incapable of action or of being fully understood.

The eclipse was conjunct stars omega Aquari, pi Pegasi and gamma Piscium.  Diana Rosenberg [1] lists “plane crashes” under these stars and notes that:

Stars in Aquarius’ flow of water (omega Aquari) were China’s Yu-Lin, an elite unit of soldiers, and with winged Pegasus and tropical Pisces here, many of the military influences are naval and air. Gamma Piscium was part of China’s Pei-Lei, “Thunder Claps,” – a mansion not considered favourable for travel.

H.S. Green’s book on Mundane Astrology written around WWI is still considered a bible of sorts amongst astrologers. To understand when eclipses or ingress chart are likely to be activated he recommends progressing the chart till progressed angles trigger the relevant point.  Following this rule, shown here is the chart for eclipse progressed to 22 July when the plane disappeared. Notice that the eclipse along with the Node is triggered by the progressed horizon axis! It is possible that the plane was brought down in bad weather by lightning.

According to the report the plane disappeared from air traffic control screens at approximately 09:12 local time, some 270km (167 miles) east of Chennai. A chart drawn for the plane’s disappearance from radar  at the estimated longitude [82E30] is shown here. Notice that the horizon aligns with the eclipse axis with Neptune, the planet of mystery, on the descendant as part of a T-square.

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2, p.741-54)

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