Friday, 26 August 2016

The reasons why exhaustion and burnout are so common

“Man is a microcosm, or a little world, because he is an extract from all the stars and planets of the whole firmament, from the earth and the elements; and so he is their quintessence.”
― Paracelsus

More and more people are suffering ‘burnout’ – but is this the fault of modern life or is physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion a far older condition? A few years ago, Anna Katharina Schaffner became the latest victim of the exhaustion ‘epidemic’. It began with a kind of mental and physical inertia – as she put it, a “sense of heaviness” in all that she did. Even the most mundane tasks would sap her of all her energy, and concentrating on her work became increasingly difficult. July 22

If  only people looked towards the heavens they would see that time has a quality that is unmistakably written in the stars. Astrologers are aware that currently the most significant aspect is the Saturn-Neptune square. As and when this square is brought into prominence by eclipses or ingresses, its message is clearly felt at that place. The news story from BBC was written just  a few days after the Sun entered sidereal Cancer – an important event in mundane astrology. Notice that the Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-square straddles the meridian at London. The extract below from the post Saturn square Neptune is Kicking in- Dissolving Ideas, Tiredness, the Aspect of 2016  [1] originally written in 2015  gives the astrological explanation for the burnout discussed in the BBC article.

It’s November 9th, 2015. We are just starting to feel the effects of the impending astrology aspect that will dominate the next entire year- Saturn square Neptune. We are in an era of being tested. Since September’s Jupiter opposition Neptune, and August’s Jupiter square Saturn, we’ve observed dissolving ideas, dissolving solid structures in people’s lives, confusion, themes of illusion and dissolving illusions. These are the things we will feel during Saturn square Neptune, peaking in November and December, to come back again in Spring 2016.

-Physical Tiredness
-Self Doubt, Dissolving Ideas and Life Principles
-Work and career associated situations involving confusion, illusion, doubt
-Karmic situations finally striking people back
-Hard truth crashing into people’s lives, like a Neptune flood of overwhelming truth; truth that may not even be discernible from fiction, considering the confusion aspect
-Spiritual Crisis, doubt, confusion

Physical tiredness becomes prevalent during this time, and cold Saturnian depression may blend with Neptunian seas of feeling to bring a drowning, inescapable underwater tomb of limitation.

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