Sunday, 21 August 2016

Tragically Hip: Dying singer Gord Downie bids Canada farewell

A Canadian band whose lead singer was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer have performed their last concert at the end of an emotional farewell tour. The Tragically Hip drew a sell-out crowd to the last show in Kingston, Ontario, on Saturday, broadcast live across Canada. PM Justin Trudeau, who was at the live show, said the band had "been writing Canada's soundtrack for over 30 years". Lead singer Gord Downie, 52, announced his illness in May. The news caused shock across Canada. Aug. 21

The Tragically Hip, often referred to simply as The Hip, are a Canadian rock band from Kingston, Ontario, consisting of lead singer Gord Downie, guitarist Paul Langlois, guitarist Rob Baker (known as Bobby Baker until 1994), bassist Gord Sinclair, and drummer Johnny Fay. They released 14 studio albums, two live albums, 1 EP, and 54 singles. Nine of their albums have reached No. 1 in Canada. They have received numerous Canadian Music awards, including 14 Juno Awards. Following Downie's diagnosis with terminal brain cancer in 2016, the band undertook a final tour of Canada in support of their thirteenth album Man Machine Poem. The group's final concert was held at the Rogers K-Rock Centre in Kingston, Ontario on August 20, 2016 just two days after a lunar eclipse. All eclipses are about some kind of endings  as is this one too. 

A chart for the eclipse has it placed  exactly on the horizon at Kingston implying that this is one place where its effect is felt strongly. (Incidentally, the eclipse is also conjunct Downie’s radix Saturn [24aq] (d.o.b. Feb.6, 1964) which is in a wide conjunction to his radix Sun-Mars.)

ORPHEUS (also LACRIMOSA): Sad, sweet or haunting music, lyrics or poetry; dirges; sense of mourning and loss; grief (for what you don't have—what has gone out of your life--  “might have been” or what was); contact with death.

From the foregoing it is not difficult to see the possible death of a singer from brain cancer.

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