Thursday, 1 September 2016

Astrology of Hurricane Hermine and SpaceX rocket explosion

Florida braced on Thursday for its first hurricane in 11 years as Hurricane Hermine, a Category 1 Gulf Coast storm, its eye now visible, continued to churn toward the northwestern part of the state.
A spectacular explosion of a SpaceX rocket on Thursday destroyed a $200 million communications satellite that would have extended Facebook’s reach across Africa, dealing a serious setback to Elon Musk, the billionaire who runs the rocket company. The blast is likely to disrupt NASA’s cargo deliveries to the International Space Station, exposing the risks of the agency’s growing reliance on private companies like SpaceX to carry materials and, soon, astronauts. The explosion, at Cape Canaveral, Fla., intensified questions about whether Mr. Musk is moving too quickly in his headlong investment in some of the biggest and most complex industries, not just space travel but carmakers and electric utilities.

Understanding the world around us depends on our power to perceive patterns of meaning, to make the right connections,  recognize what belongs with what. And we must be prepared for surprises. By linking things which do not at first sight seem to be linked, astrology reveals that happenings we accept at face value  are fraught with deeper significance.

In this post we shall see how the two news items, apparently unconnected are actually manifestations of the same cosmic energies.  As we all know, the cardinal ingresses of the Sun have a traditional reputation as  important  mundane events. Till the Autumn Equinox  (Libra Ingress) we are currently under the influence of the Summer Solstice (Cancer Ingress).  Chart for the Ingress  at Cape Canaveral or Apalachicola, Florida (estimated hurricane landfall) are essentially similar with the MC separated by just 5 degrees.  Charts for both the places and certainly also for other close by areas in Florida carry a powerful Grand Cross straddling the meridian. This chart  then is key to many of the unconnected events occurring now in Florida.

Hurricane Hermine

In his prescient forecast, Richard Nolle appears to have anticipated Hurricane Hermine which is about to batter Florida.

"September 1 brings the second solar (new moon) eclipse of 2016, an annular eclipse at 9° 21’ Virgo – opposing Neptune, in a T-Square to the Mars-Saturn conjunction. The customary seven-day either way shock window applies in this case, marking out August 25-September 8 as the period of vulnerability for strong storms and seismic activity this time around…..the headlines since the eclipse window opened on August 25 have clearly run true to the forecast so far. Lots of powerful storms with high winds and heavy rain here in the US, the hurricanes in Hawaii and the southeastern US coast, and the typhoons in Japan, for example; plus eruptions of Popo and Colima in Mexico – and lots more to come in the rest of this geocosmic stress window, I’m sure".

The reason for the hurricane hitting Florida is not explained so much by the New Moon eclipse  but by the fact that the eclipse  falls on the MC of the Ingress chart and thus activates the powerful Grand Cross. So it is the two cosmic phenomena acting together that are responsible for Hurricane Hermine in Florida. Any doubt that the Cancer Ingress chart is involved is easily dispelled if we progress it to Sept.1 when the Grand Cross aligns with the angles once again,  thereby triggering it. Mercury in Gemini also manifests as “high wind”. Here Saturn (opposite Mercury) is on the progressed MC  conjunct the star Antares. Among possible manifestations of this star, Diana Rosenberg includes storms (extreme barometric lows) and accidents connected with machinery. The rocket explosion comes in the second category.

SpaceX Rocket Explosion in Cape Canaveral

A chart for the Cancer Ingress at Cape Canaveral progressed to Sept. 1 also brings up the Grand Cross to the angles. The Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn T-square is interpreted by Ebertin as:

Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn: Abandoned by one’s luck; the experiencing of consequences issuing from false hopes, plans which come to nothing, disappointments and losses.

Essentially what he is saying is that unrealistic dreams are likely to come crashing down. This is because Jupiter-Neptune is associated with “big dreams”  but Saturn, the planet we associate with “reality checks” is likely to puncture those speculative bubble schemes. And this is exactly what the NY Times writes:

The explosion, at Cape Canaveral, Fla., intensified questions about whether Mr. Musk is moving too quickly in his headlong investment in some of the biggest and most complex industries.

Finally, some more detail helps spot the explosion. Here Jupiter is conjunct  the star zeta (ΞΆ) Ursa Major, Mizar which has been  linked to catastrophic fires and explosions [1].  


PS: It is now being reported that Hurricane Hermine made landfall in Florida's Big Bend area early Friday just east of St. Marks around 1:30 a.m. EDT. A chart for the moment brings the September 1 eclipse T-square to the meridian.

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