Thursday, 15 September 2016

Cameron slammed over Libya in new report

LONDON -- Former British Prime Minister David Cameron launched a bombing campaign in Libya based on "erroneous assumptions" and failed to adequately plan for the aftermath, according to a damning parliamentary report released on Wednesday. The Foreign Affairs Committee analyzed Britain's decision-making in the run up to its intervention alongside France in 2011, which the government said at the time was aimed at protecting civilians under fire from dictator Moamer Kadhafi. "It (the government) could not verify the actual threat to civilians posed by the Gaddafi (Kadhafi) regime; it selectively took elements of Muammar Gaddafi's rhetoric at face value; and it failed to identify the militant Islamist extremist element in the rebellion," lawmakers said in their report. "UK strategy was founded on erroneous assumptions and an incomplete understanding of the evidence," the report added. Nearly five years after Kadhafi was ousted and killed, chaos continues to reign in Libya with two rival governments vying for power and fierce battles over the country's valuable oil assets. Sept.15

Regular readers will by now be familiar with many instances discussed at this blogsite where the truth is being revealed. This is primarily because the solar eclipse of September 1 is highlighting the Saturn-Neptune square.  The ongoing square between Saturn and Neptune has been and continues to be about knowing the difference between fact and fiction.  At best, this eclipse can reveal previously hidden information with the power to clarify muddy waters and provide vital details. So those of us who have  been telling tales to ourselves or others or living a lie, need to get ready for a reckoning.

Look at what is happening in David Cameron’s chart [Oct. 9, 1966; 6:00 am London]. His current lunar return places the Saturn-Neptune square significantly on the horizon axis implying that full power of the combination is being felt by him. Can he continue to hide his lies on Libya?

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