Thursday, 8 September 2016

China says it has stealth-defeating quantum radar

A Chinese firm has reportedly developed and tested a radar system that uses quantum entanglement to beat the stealth technology of modern military craft, state media said. The first Chinese quantum radar was developed by the Intelligent Perception Technology Laboratory of the 14th Institute in CETC, according to Xinhua news agency. CETC stands for Electronics Technology Group Corporation, a defense and electronics firm. The radar was tested in mid-August, Xinhua said in a Thursday report. Aug.8

The news of the quantum radar comes at the First Quarter Moon. A chart for the Moon phase at Beijing has a significant kite formation anchored to the meridian which includes a  Grand Trine involving Hades-Kronos-Neptune-Poseidon.

Hades: ability to distinguish key components; discrimination.
Kronos: aircrafts
Neptune: deception (stealth); foggy; no boundaries; lack of clarity
Poseidon: illumination; light; X-Rays

A new kind of radar has the ability to discriminate/ distinguish key components (Hades) by illuminating (Poseidon)  stealth (Neptune) aircrafts (Kronos).

Finally, we note that news of the discovery comes at the last Saturn-Neptune square which in this case helps  to make real (Saturn) that which was hidden (Neptune).

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