Thursday, 15 September 2016

Duterte’s Power Play: Rocking the US-Philippines Alliance

The frictions excited by the antics of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte have caused even greater heat over the last few days, with calls for the departure of US special forces operating in Mindanao. Having already made it clear to Washington that he intends pursuing “an independent foreign policy,” he has now insisted that the general root of ills in instability lie in the troublesome, headache-causing alliance with the United States. A continuing problem of that alliance remained US forces in Zamboanga on the island of Mindanao, ostensibly engaged in advising local troops on counter-terrorism operations.  “For as long as we stay with America, we will never have peace in that land [Mindanao].  We might as well give it up.”  It was therefore imperative that “those [American] special forces, they have to go.”  He did not want “a rift with the US, but they have to go.” September 14th, 2016

To understand why Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is breaking away from the US we will look at the chart for the September 1 solar eclipse at Manila, Philippines. A Mars-Saturn conjunction in the 10th house shows a leader who is being defiant. Incidentally, Duterte is an Aries (born 28 March 1945) and therefore ruled by Mars. The sign Aries  is known for aggression and plain speaking.  Here Mars [14sa] is conjunct the star delta (δ) Hercules, Sarin in the constellation of Hercules, the strong man (see image) while Saturn [10sa] is conjunct the star Antares, alpha (α) Scorpius.  About Antares Nick Fiorenza writes:

Antares is the heart of the Scorpion. In classical astrology, Antares is the star of war and weaponry, and with expounded meaning, to challenge the established opposing politics (an arena common to the Antares / Aldebaran axis) with tenacious adamancy. This is especially in regard to taking a stand against the established conditions of our personal lives and against the established order or authority directing our lives when those conditions or that authority are no longer in our best interest nor supporting our evolutionary freedom and fulfillment.

So it should be no surprise that “strongman” Duterte is no longer willing to toe the US line. The eclipse has fallen on Philippines’ radix Mars [7vi] in its first house [1]. Does the US deserve this? The answer can be seen in the US Sibly. The eclipse [9vi] squares Sibly Uranus [8ge] in the 7th house of allies and treaties. Uranus is the planet of the rebel so former allies are rebelling…remember Turkey did that too!

Now here comes the interesting part. We can actually spot the very day (Sept.13)  President Rodrigo Duterte’s makes this announcement . If we progress the chart to September 13, the MC conjoins Saturn and the star Antares on that day.

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