Wednesday, 28 September 2016

How being alone may be the key to rest

How much rest do we think we need, who is getting the most, and what are the most restful activities? The results of the world's largest survey on rest indicate that to feel truly rested, a lot of us want to be alone, reports Claudia Hammond. Last November an online survey called The Rest Test was launched to investigate what rest means to different people, how they like to rest and whether there is a link between rest and well-being. The results are now in and the analysis has begun. The Rest Test is a collaboration between BBC Radio 4 and the Wellcome Collection's researchers in residence, Hubbub. Hubbub is an international collective led by Durham University, comprising scientists, artists, poets, humanities researchers, mental health experts and social scientists - among them the BBC's Claudia Hammond, presenter of All in the Mind  Sept.27

The defining planetary aspect of the year has been the potent Saturn and Neptune  square.  Alignments such as this, between the slow moving outer planets, impact the very core of our being, catalyzing irrevocable change. The two planets formed an exact square for the first time on  November 26th, 2015   and since then the square  has been affecting us individually and collectively. The third and last exact aspect took place on September 9, 2016. Among its several messages, Saturn-Neptune square is telling us that  “we need rest and space now for things to ‘get back to normal’”.

Presented here is the chart for November 26, 2015 square drawn for Durham when The Rest Test was launched. Notice that the square aspects the meridian and is therefore very significant for the place. If we now progress the chart to Sept. 27, 2016, the moving horizon axis touches the square once again thereby triggering it  and the results of the investigation are out!

The message is simple. Saturn is about work and responsibility. Sometimes we overburden ourselves. We must make certain that responsibilities are not violating our sensitivities, sensibilities or need for retreat and quiet (Neptune). 

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