Thursday, 22 September 2016

Puerto Rico Blackout Enters Second Day

The 3.5 million people of Puerto Rico are entering their second day with no power after a substation fire knocked out service to the entire island.   The power outage has left schools scrambling to cancel classes and public hospitals forced to cancel surgeries. Perhaps even worse, the outage caused numerous fires across the island as a result of malfunctioning generators, including at the upscale Vanderbilt hotel in the popular tourist area of Condado and at the mayor’s office in the northern coastal town of Catano. Sept.22

The solar eclipse of September 1 fell in the first house at San Juan, Puerto Rico. The first house in mundane astrology rules the general condition of the populace.  For our purpose here let us note that the eclipse makes hard aspects to Mars and Uranus – a combination linked to electrical black outs [1].  On September 21, the progressed Ascendant reaches a conjunction to the eclipse triggering the entire configuration.

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