Monday, 12 September 2016

Putin appoints new children's rights ombudsman

Russian President Vladimir Putin has appointed the head of the association for the protection of family, Anna Kuznetsova, as his plenipotentiary for children’s rights, replacing lawyer Pavel Astakhov.
Before the appointment, Kuznetsova, 34, worked as the head of the Pokrov fund for the support of family, motherhood and childhood in Penza Region, central Russia. She also headed the Penza regional branch of the Mothers of Russia movement and the regional branch of the United Public Front movement. The newly appointed ombudsman has also held places in the women’s council with the regional governor and the regional public chamber.  Sept.9

Events on earth are always a reflection of what is happening in the skies.  The solar eclipse of Sept.1 was amidst the stars of the cruel Lion and the nurturing Great Bear.

Generally, eclipse lunar cycles mark a time of shifting into a new octave of experience. They offer a time to resynchronize our selves with the ever-changing cosmic currents supporting our evolutionary progression in consciousness. In this particular case we can see that Putin’s decision to replace lawyer Pavel Astakhov  as his plenipotentiary for children’s rights with Kuznetsova is a clear case of movement away from the Lion to the Great Bear.

 In Russia Ursa Major is bolshaya medvedista – the great mother bear who nurtures her cubs. It was generally believed in the ancient world that bear cubs were born amorphous and licked into their proper form; female bears are notoriously fierce in protecting their cubs. The Greek poet Aratus mentions that the bears represent two nymphs who raised Zeus in a cave at Dicte on Crete (Zeus’ mother hid him from his father Cronus  to prevent him from the fate of his siblings – Cronus ate his children, fearing that they would overthrow him; in gratitude Zeus placed his two nurses in the sky as the two bears [1].

At Moscow the eclipse was placed in the 10th house forming a T-square with Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is of course Cronus who ate his own children while Neptune is here the symbol of the Great Mother archetype. And the new direction is symbolized by compassionate Neptune away from Cronus. On September 9, the date of the news, the progressed MC conjoins the eclipse setting it off.

[1] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.1, p.512)

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