Monday, 26 September 2016

The symbolic meaning of the Nova in Lupus

On September 20, a particular spot in the constellation Lupus the Wolf was blank of any stars brighter than 17.5 magnitude. Four nights later, as if by some magic trick, a star bright enough to be seen in binoculars popped into view. While we await official confirmation, the star’s spectrum, its tattle-tale rainbow of light, indicates it’s a nova, a sun in the throes of a thermonuclear explosion.

The celestial co-ordinates for the Nova ASASSN-16kt
RA 15:29:01.82, DEC -44:49:40.89 (J2000.0)
The ecliptic longitude of ASASSN-16kt is 241.4 degrees

The Novae (or nova, which means “new”) notes the death of a star. Such a death symbolizes the
period of grief and mourning for the previous psychology, now deleted. A needed time of
sanction is required before the death spawns the next life form. What we know is that the
previous way of being is gone. The new form is not yet  .  So we endure a transitional phase in our evolution.

A Nova exploding in Lupus essentially means that the time has come for Lupus to die. Nick Fiorenza and Diana Rosenberg  give their interpretation of the area of the heavens in which the Nova was detected:

In the stellar image, the Centaur  is slaying the wild beast (Thēríon, now the Latin Lupus) with conscious deliberation in preparation for a ceremony upon Ara, the sacrificial altar. This image articulates the conscious decision and demonstrable action to sacrifice lower-order bestial or hedonist self, the egoic part of self that fights to survive. The term sacrifice, as used here, means to give up a lower office for one higher, and in this case, for a higher stage of evolution. This is about slaying that which we at one time protected, egoic self, to gain a greater freedom, illumined self. Nick Fiorenza

This is an area of night: the Serpent and Scorpion, both denizens of the dark, hidden places, together with prowling Lupus dominate these longitudes, barely held in check by struggling Ophiuchus…the worst among those here are treasonous, treacherous  and with Lupus’ wild, animal energies raging underneath the surface, jealous, malevolent, brutal, evil-minded, murderous and insane (truly representative of the head and claws of a scorpion and a hand struggling with a serpent…  Ethics, morality and temperance are the primary challenges of these stars . If in the military, they are likely to employ “lure and pounce ambushes and surprise attacks (recall the coalition air strike on Syrian army). There is a very dark side to this part of the zodiac. People often have “skeletons (or arsenals!)  in the closet”and  are frequently embroiled in conflict and controversy. Fond of power (“control freaks”) they may blame others for their problems, feeling aggrieved, even paranoid, working hard to make sure that they are victorious over their enemies. (does this remind readers of Samantha Power’s drama queen performance at the UN).
Diana Rosenberg

Symbolically, the centaur; half man, half horse represents the complete domination by baser influences, instincts, the unconscious uncontrolled by the spirit. The man-beast combination illustrates the conflict between man’s lower animal nature merged with his higher nature of human virtue and judgement, the struggle between the savage and the benign. Lupus, the wolf, is a despoiler of flocks, rapacious, cruel, crafty and bloodthirsty. In Christian art,  (as in image) animals impaled on lances often allude to vices that must be overcome. A lance exemplifies valor, virtue, war, power, strength and victory over evil. The explosion of the Nova is symbolically telling us that Lupus must die. This is occurring not only in international news but also in our personal lives.

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