Thursday, 29 September 2016

Traffic Noise Hinders Owls' Hunting

Given a high enough level of traffic noise, owls lose nearly 90% of their hunting efficiency, according to researchers from Hokkaido University. In a new study published in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from the university report their findings on the impact of noise on long- and short-eared owls. Owls are among those predators, like bats, that rely heavily on their sharp hearing in order to find food. The team's results highlight just how much that is the case. According to the researchers, theirs is the first study to back up the notion in the wild that traffic noise hinders owls' ability to forage.

Eclipses carry specific messages that can be more acutely felt in those places  where they occur on the horizon or the meridian. The report by the Hokkaido University researchers entitled  Traffic noise reduces foraging efficiency in wild owls was first published on August 18 coinciding with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse that fell on the horizon axis at Sapporo, the location of the University.
The eclipse chart  highlights a Mars-Saturn-Neptune T-square on the meridian.  Mars is linked to hectic activity while Neptune in Pisces raises concerns about the  detrimental impact of such activity on both ourselves [1] as well as  the environment. A square between planets presents a challenge of integration. Can we find a way in which our hectic human activity, which to an extent is unnatural, does not disturb the ecosystem?  Neptune is also linked to the need for sleep and rest.  The following extract from a previous post [2] explains how Mars-Neptune can interact.

Handled  positively, Mars – Neptune gives the ability for one to use creative visualization to accomplish their goals and dreams, using the Mars energy to relentlessly follow their dreams. On the down side  Neptune, the planet of sleep can completely overpower Mars, the planet of action, rendering it ineffective. Falling asleep while driving would fall in the second category.

So perhaps, the eclipse is telling us that night time sleep is as important as day time activity. Additionally, our noisy traffic on the highways is disturbing nocturnal birds like the owl. But the real clincher is the star Kitalpha, alpha Equueli, in the Colt’s  head conjunct the Moon on the Ascendant. Diana Rosenberg links this area to “hearing impairment”! And adding to the same theme are the stars conjunct Mars on the MC. Among issues in this area Diana Rosenberg includes “deafness”. And opposite the Ascendant is the asteroid Phaethon (cars!).

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