Thursday, 29 September 2016

Train hits New Jersey Hoboken station

A commuter train crashed into the station at a major transit hub for Manhattan at the height of Thursday morning's rush hour, and mass casualties were reported by local media. The police chief told NBC New York there were "mass casualties" from the crash of the New Jersey Transit train. The cause of the crash at Hoboken, New Jersey's station was not immediately known. Mass casualties can include injuries or deaths.
The Federal Railroad Administration said investigators were en route to the scene. Two local law enforcement officials said there are no initial signs that the accident was terror related or a deliberate act, but they stressed it was very early in the investigation.  Sept.29

Charts for Moon phases often provide a good indicator of what we see in the news.   Shown here is the chart for the Waning Crescent Moon also referred to as Balsamic Moon. Notice that ir brings up the Mercury-Saturn-Neptune T-square to the horizon axis. Mercury-Saturn is a well known combination linked to travel (Mercury) related accidents (Saturn).

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