Thursday, 20 October 2016

Apple Stock Sinks After Reports Of iPhone 7 Bursting Into Flames

For years whistleblowers have signaled the problems associated with society’s obsession with smartphones. Poor posture from craned necks. A general lack of awareness. Not to mention the beating your eyes take staring at a bright little screen for an extended period of time. But nobody could have predicted that phones might begin to spontaneously erupt into giant balls of flame sending shrapnel flying within a 20-foot radius. Over the last few months, embattled Samsung has sought to recall its Galaxy S7 and Note 7 phones after reports of the products spontaneously exploding. A recent video shows that Apple may soon be embroiled in a similar controversy. Surf instructor Mat Jones, from Sydney, left his recently-purchased iPhone 7 in his car while he went out in the water to give a lesson. When he returned, smoke and ash had plumed in the interior of the vehicle, he said.   Oct.20

The incident occurred in Sydney, Australia.  Just after this incident Apple stocks took a beating [1]. So what is the connection? Yesterday, (Oct.20) Mercury and Uranus made a sharp opposition.  Charts for this mundane aspect drawn for (a) Sydney, Australia (b) Cupertino, California (Apple Inc. HQ) are shown here. 

Notice that both carry the Mercury-Uranus opposition on the angles. At Sydney, the opposition is on the horizon while at Cupertino it is on the meridian. In astrology, these are extremely sensitive points. The energy contained in a configuration is felt most acutely at those places where the configuration aligns with the horizon or the meridian.

Uranus has a well known connection to electricity. Here it is placed in the fire sign Aries so we are looking at the possibility of an electrical fire.  Mercury is the planet we link to all forms of communication.

Mercury rules your intelligence, mind, memory and, all types of communication ranging from talking and texting to writing. It also affects your self-expression, and communication style. In a more public sense, it rules commerce, computers, telephones, transportation and air travel [2].

In our case here it would refer to the iPhone.


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