Thursday, 6 October 2016

Astrology of Hurricane Matthew in Florida

As Hurricane Matthew begins its march up the Florida coast, more than 30,000 customers were without power Thursday night. According to the Associated Press, at least 24,000 customers in the Palm Beach area alone were affected by power outages. Florida Power and Light said earlier Thursday that it expects 2.5 million statewide outages in the aftermath of the storm. Thursday night, Gov. Rick Scott called the storm a "monster" and urged residents to stay in a safe place for the entire event. Oct.6

The September 1 solar eclipse is now beginning to show itself in world events.  A chart for the eclipse at Miami, Florida has the eclipse T-square making aspects to the angles suggesting that it is significant for the place. Moreover, we shall that the theme of the stars on the Ascendant resonates with that of Saturn, the apex planet of the eclipse T-square.

On the Ascendant are stars of the Ship and the Crab. These bring shoreline events, storms, fogs and disasters at sea. These were active in 1925 when “the most violent deadly tornado in American history”- 1 of 8 hit Annapolis, MO; the mile wide monster moving 219 miles in 3 hrs ripping through Illinois utterly destroying towns in its path; when the “Great Miami Hurricane” of 1926 hit the city – wind speeds reaching  138 mph killing 372, injuring 2000 and leaving 38,000 homeless and many others [1].

Here Saturn is conjunct the star Antares. Under this star [2] Diana Rosenberg lists “storms (extreme barometric lows)” and gives the following examples:

There was a solar eclipse here in Nov. 440 CE, the year the city of Ys in Brittany was “submerged in a great flood” and in 441 CE “the sea submerged great parts of Wales”; these stars were transited in 1530 when floodwaters driven by high winds smashed Holland dikes: 400,000 drowned; at the Winter Solstice of 1886: a vicious winter followed on the Great Plains: hundreds of thousands of cattle froze to death in blizzards; in 1881 in Haipong, China typhoon killed thousands; at the Great Galveston Hurricane of  1900 the city was totaled, 8000 killed; in 1969 when Hurricane Camille  hit the Gulf Coast (400 killed, 400,000 homeless); at the 1974 “Super Tornado Putbreak”: 148 tornadoes in 2 days swept through 12 states, killing 324; at the solar and lunar eclipses of May-June 1993 during continuous rain that led to a great Mississippi flood; in 1999 when tornadoes hit Oklahoma and Kansas and many others.

So in brief, as we saw earlier, the stars on the Ascendant resonate with the eclipse. All that was required was for the progressed Ascendant to conjoin the eclipse on 5th – 7th October for the “monster” Hurricane Matthew to pummel Florida.

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[2] Secrets of the Ancient Skies; Diana K. Rosenberg (v.2,p.332) 

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