Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Flawed analysis casts doubt on years of evolutionary research

Years of research on the evolution of ancient life including the dinosaurs have been questioned after a fatal flaw in the way fossil data is analysed was exposed. Studies based on the apparently flawed method have suggested Earth's biodiversity remained relatively stable - close to maximum carrying capacity - and hinted many signs of species becoming rapidly extinct are merely reflections on the poor quality of the fossil record at that time.
However, new research by scientists at the University of Reading suggests the history of the planet's biodiversity may have been more dynamic than recently suggested, with bursts of new species appearing, along with crashes and more stable periods.  Oct 25

The results of the study imply that  almost a decade's worth of work aimed at providing an insight into evolution may be misleading as it was based on a fundamental error. The now discredited method  has been the basis of more than 150 published research papers since it was first used in 2007. In 2006-07, Saturn-Neptune formed an opposition and now they are square each other.

In astrology, Saturn represents the physical realm, what is often called the “real world” — not theoretical, not philosophical, not poetic, and not intangible, but instead, the nuts-and-bolts construction of reality at its most dense level. Saturn is about limitations and the hard work of building something over time, through sustained efforts that accrue, step-by-step, or brick-by-brick.
Neptune can cause one to be lost in a dream world, unable to see if ideas and visions have any real substance or viability, which can leave one living in illusion, self-deception, confusion, or behind a veil or mask. Therefore, Neptune is about possibilities, dreams, fantasies, and up-in-the-air theories

During the waning square  one may experience crises and opportunities allowing one to redeem past shortcomings through the acceptance of a new direction and outlook — opening the way for actualization in the succeeding cycle. Bill Herbst explains the issue involved very elegantly:

In November of 2015, Saturn reached a 90° arc from Neptune, which marks the beginning of the phase change into the Winter Quarter of the current cycle. That square will end (and culminate) in September
2016. The period of transition into the Winter Phase is a time where the confluence of dreams and realities reaches unanticipated proportions, with both comic and tragic overtones. The real and imagined have been cooking together in the same pot since 2005, and we’ve been eating that stew. Now we’re reaching the bottom of the pot, and the dregs of the stew are beginning to taste funny. Are we witnessing a documentary or a complete fiction? Hard to tell. Where is truth during this 2015-2017 transition? Oh, it’s still around, as always, but it’s obfuscated (and often overwhelmed) by exaggeration, hyperbole, innuendo, and outright lies.

The question that will emerge in the Winter Phase is: In the wish, intention, and effort to convert our
dreams into realities, where do we pull back, and where do we mo move forward? How do we change what hasn’t worked, yet keep what has?

When Saturn aspects Neptune those lies and  up-in-the-air theories are punctured and face a reality test. Most often they are found inadequate.

So how do we check that the news is another example of the current Saturn-Neptune square? We can begin with the current Libra Ingress chart of the Sun drawn for Reading, UK and progress it to Oct. 25, the date of the news.  When we do that notice that the progressed meridian reaches a conjunction to Saturn and square Neptune confirming our thesis.

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