Sunday, 16 October 2016

Freed students reunite with families in Nigeria

Aquila kidnapping Ganymede

Twenty-one schoolgirls who had been kidnapped by the Islamist group Boko Haram in the Nigerian town of Chibok have been reunited with their families. In an emotional ceremony in the capital Abuja, one of the girls said they had survived for 40 days without food and narrowly escaped death at least once. It is unclear how the release was negotiated, but an official says talks are under way to free some more girls.

The Full Moon of October 16 was preceded by an exact  Sun-Uranus opposition which fell on the meridian axis at Chibok.  This was part of a splayed T-square which has Mars-Pluto on the Ascendant. Mars-Pluto are conjunct stars of Aquila, the Eagle that in mythology is linked with the kidnapping of the child Ganymede [1].

On the IC is a conjunction of Uranus and Ceres, both retrograde. This refers to a disruptive (Uranus) event  in a mother-child (Ceres) relationship from the past (retrograde).  But Uranus [22ar] is amid  stars of the chained Princess Andromeda and  Baten Kaitos, in the Sea Monster’s belly . This is an area that links to entrapment or imprisonment. However, the Full Moon illuminating Uranus, the planet most linked with freedom and independence offers the possibility of a breakout from the “foul juices” in the belly of the Sea Monster.

Resonating with the same theme is the Mars-Jupiter square, for which Ebertin’s key phrase “settlement of conflict” is relevant here. Going one step further, the Sabian symbol  for Jupiter (7li44) “A Blazing Fireplace in a deserted home (welcomes the return of the “prodigal sons”) metaphorically symbolizes the return of the “wayward consciousness”.

[1] Aquila (constellation) - Wikipedia

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