Wednesday, 5 October 2016

German mystery over man, 43, who never left home

German police are investigating a couple who reportedly kept their son at home in the Bavarian town of Bayreuth for 30 years. The man, who is now 43, has rarely been seen since he stopped attending school at the age of 13. Police say he looked neglected but not underfed, and stress they may not press charges. The mother told local media "he didn't want to go out", and she had only wanted to protect him. The police were alerted to the mysterious case by a tip-off last month, and took the man from his home to hospital. Oct.5

When eclipses are interpreted symbolically, we are not only able to discover their deeper meaning but also connect events which at first sight may appear unconnected.

The Origins and History of Consciousness is a 1949 book by psychologist and philosopher Erich Neumann. In this book he outlines how human consciousness develops out of unconsciousness through a series of stages, a process represented by the ego's emergence from the "uroboros", a primordial condition of self-contained unconsciousness symbolized by the circle of a snake devouring its own tail. As the ego consciousness differentiates itself from uroboric unconsciousness, it begins to experience this primordial unconsciousness both as the life-giving origin of its existence and as a threat to its newly won autonomy. This ambivalent experience is often given shape in the form of the Great Mother, who bestows all life and also holds life and death, existence and non-existence, in her all-powerful hands. For true autonomy to occur, the domination of the Great Mother must be shaken off by individual ego consciousness. This process occurs by two subsequent stages: first, the separation of the world parents in which the opposites of masculinity and femininity emerge from the matrix of uroboric unity, and second the hero myth, in which the ego aligns itself with the principle of heroic masculinity in order to free itself from the dominance of the matriarchy.

The Great Mother archetype is eventually transcended by the mythic Hero. His victory personifies the emergence of a well-established ego consciousness from the prior sway of unconscious or semi-conscious forces. [1]

But to get back to the eclipse, here is the chart for the eclipse drawn for the Bavarian town of Bayreuth. The eclipse forms a T-square with Saturn and Neptune. In astrology, the stages of  birth of the individual ego (Saturn) from its identification with the Great Mother (Neptune) is a process symbolized by Saturn-Neptune aspects. For Neptune, love requires a  primal fusion while Saturn pushes for the development of healthy boundaries. But more significantly for Bayreuth, notice that the eclipse T-square is anchored to Uranus at the descendant in the sign Aries linked to independence and freedom.  In the previous post [2] we saw how the same eclipse was telling us symbolically how when a child’s development is not hampered  it develops its capacity to stand up to parents by the age of 5 to 8 years. Illustrating the other end of the spectrum, here we see an unfortunate example of a man of 43 years who has been unable to cut the psychological ‘umbilical cord’ from his parents.  But such is power of this eclipse, that with Uranus in Aries, the man has been freed from his unnatural “chains”. Incidentally, Uranus is conjunct stars in the right hand of the chained Princess Andromeda!

To confirm that the eclipse was activated on October 5, the date of the news, all we need to do is progress the eclipse chart to this date and find the eclipse triggered by the progressed meridian axis.

PS: Here is little quiz for readers. The September 1 eclipse is active at Washington,DC on November 8, election day in US Presidential election as well as on January 20, the date of the Presidential inauguration. What  can we hope for? Just a hint Hillary appears to stand for the establishment while Trump is certainly anti-establishment.

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