Monday, 3 October 2016

German Politicians Accuse US Of "Economic War"

When we first heard the news that the US DOJ had slapped Deutsche Bank with a $14 billion settlement on September 15, a number that looked oddly similar to the $14 billion fine the EU slapped on Apple, we determined that this was likely nothing more than "blowback" on behalf of the US, saying "just a few weeks after the EU slapped Apple with a $14 billion bill for "back taxes," the U.S. has apparently responded with a $14 billion fine of their own to Deutsche Bank to settle an outstanding probe into the company's trading of mortgage-backed securities during the financial crisis." Today, after three weeks of unprecedented volatility in the stock price of the German lender which sent its shares to all time lows as recently as Friday, Germany has latched on to this line of attack as German politicians accused the US of waging economic war against ­Germany as, in the words of the FT, "concern continues to rise among its political and corporate elite over the future of Deutsche Bank."

The news of the spat between Germany and the US over money matters comes at the October 1  New Moon in tropical Libra, the sign linked to relationship issues.  A chart for the New Moon drawn for the midpoint between the two capitals, Berlin and Washington provides interesting insight into the problem.  The New Moon conjoins Jupiter and forms the apex of a T-square with TNPs Hades-Kronos on the Ascendant opposite Mars-Pluto on the descendant.  What we are seeing is the shadow of the New Moon-Jupiter conjunction, in part, because our l Mars, archetype of the warrior, just entered Capricorn, forming an immediate square to both the Sun and Jupiter, in Libra. This is a fractious interaction that stimulates a need to succeed that interrupts and supersedes the good manners and polite concerns about all the participants in any situation.  Add this to the delineation for Hades-Kronos-Pluto and we can clearly see why the spat is taking place:

Hades-Pluto-Kronos: to hear of a deterioration of  financial dealings in high places; to recognize that ugliness is rooted in resentment or a desire for revenge or power; pressures through money matters are felt by the leadership.  

In the reunification chart for Germany (Oct.3,1990; 0:00 CET, Berlin)  [1] the New Moon falls on radix Sun [9li] and  Nessus [8li]. About Nessus, Philip Sedgwick writes:

Nessus rules bad blood. He appears in instances in which previously familiar people become mortal enemies over physical aspects of life. Commonly, the issues are the possession elements of love, property and money. The perihelion of Nessus lies in Libra; it’s node stands firm in Taurus. Whenever issues of money, especially regarding estates, inheritances and taxes, come about, Nessus reigns. All bets are off. All is fair in love, war and the preservation of economic stability - the primary causes of conflict. The fight is dirty, underhanded and based upon the idea that someone either has or is taking away what one feels rightly belongs in her/his possession.

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