Sunday, 30 October 2016

Italy earthquake

A new earthquake has shaken central Italy on Sunday, bringing down buildings. The quake was so long and powerful that Rome residents were woken up by the shaking of their houses' walls, a RIA Novosti reporter said.

On October 29, Mars formed an exact square to Uranus. A chart for the mundane event at Rome has the square on the angles with Mars occupying the IC (earth). Among other things, Uranus is linked to earthquakes [1] so that a Mars square Uranus provides a powerful trigger.

But this series of quakes began on October 26, Wednesday when the Total Solar Eclipse of March 9 had progressed to the angles. It is also active on October 30, Sunday when the new earthquake took place. The eclipse was part of a powerful T-square containing Jupiter-Satutn-Neptune.  About this eclipse Nick Fiorenza wrote:

Seismic Alert:
This sustained T-square planetary configuration can create exceptionally strong geophysical and physiological resonances, especially when triggered by lunar aspects. The solar eclipse not only occurs in the midst of significant planetary aspects, but also occurs very close to the Lunar Perigee, further accentuating geophysical resonances.

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