Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Man Grows World's Biggest Pumpkin

Demeter- Goddess of Harvest

Belgian gardener Mattias Willemyens smashed the Guinness World Record by growing a 1,190 kilo pumpkin.  Oct. 10 https://www.xanianews.com/news/ready-for-halloween-man-grows-world-s-biggest-pumpkin?uid=363215

To explain this news we begin with the chart for the September 1 solar eclipse drawn for Brussels, Belgium. Notice that the eclipse is significant for the place since both the eclipse and its associate configuration make hard aspects to the angles.

The eclipse is placed in Virgo. The Virgo phase represents a critical moment in the alchemical year, when the crop must be cut down in its prime, harvested and its essence extracted. To the Greeks, Virgo was Demeter, with her wheat sheaf, or ear of corn, overseeing the grain harvest and holder of the key to the secret of agriculture.

Uranus [24ar] on the descendant also makes a hard aspect to the eclipse. This position [24ar] was part the Chinese asterism Tíen – Youen, The Celestial Kitchen Garden. It ruled the month of harvesting  and presided over orchards and vegetables. Now we can clearly see that this eclipse does have something to do with vegetables!

All that  is now required is to progress the eclipse chart to Oct. 10, the date of the news to see if it is activated. And sure enough the progressed meridian reaches a conjunction  to the eclipse on that date!

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