Sunday, 2 October 2016

Saturn-Neptune and the Hungarian referendum on migrants

Hungarians head to the polls on Sunday for a referendum on immigration that ministers have portrayed as a make-or-break moment for the Hungarian nation, and a watershed for Europe as a whole. The question being asked is wordy and vague, its legal consequence unclear, and its primary context seems parochial. Literally translated, it asks if immigrants should be sent to Hungary without parliament’s approval. October 2, 2016

The horoscope of Hungary provided by Astrodienst is reproduced here. Notice the Saturn-Neptune conjunction on the Ascendant. The first house in a national chart indicates issues facing the people of a country. Yesterday’s New Moon [8li] fell square the Saturn-Neptune conjunction thereby activating it. The following edited extract from Astrobarry’s article entitled Saturn vs. Neptune and the Moral Imperative , brings out the questions facing the Hungarians as they go to vote on the immigrant problem.

In the 'highest' Neptunian vision, every life is equally worthy of loving attention and compassionate assistance. Neptune doesn't write anybody off, but meets people where they are, unconditionally… all the while holding out heartfelt faith that a helped-and-healed, more capable version of even the most hurt or damaged soul can emerge, given enough kindness and care.

From Neptune's perspective, we ought to do whatever we can, in every moment, to immediately ease others' suffering. Should we see somebody struggling, we lend them a hand, no questions asked or judgments offered. Anything less is a symptom of a shut-down heart.

Saturn, as the planet-symbol of reasonable limits and intentional self-restraint, would warn us about the excesses of such thinking. If we stopped ourselves from whatever we were doing every time we encountered a struggling or suffering soul, we wouldn't get much of practical import accomplished. We'd lose personal focus, constantly psychically intertwining ourselves with everybody else, and neglect to handle our own business. Indiscriminately pouring our caring energies down whichever stream-of-need happens to pull us in, we'd begin to notice ourselves becoming depleted. We might wonder whether this unconditional investment of care is making any cumulative or lasting difference… whether it's worth the potential costs to our own well-being.

Neptune upholds selflessness as a virtue, potentially to the perilous point where we become enfeebled martyrs. If we see someone drowning, do we just jump into the depths and try our best to save them, neglecting to consider our swim skill-level or the condition of the water? Are two drowning casualties any nobler than one?

From Saturn's perspective, our time is limited and our resources finite… and we must be deliberate, constructive, and disciplined in how we spend it, if we wish to get the most effective bang for our proverbial buck. We thoughtfully pick-and-choose where we aim to make our difference, for the sake of both efficiency and functionality. The best-of-intentions is meaningless if it doesn't yield some concrete improvement.

Finally, we notice that the precession corrected progressed solar return for October 2 brings the current Saturn-Neptune square to the meridian axis further confirming that the day is heavy with the Saturn-Neptune moral question.

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