Thursday, 6 October 2016

Sotheby's declares 'Frans Hals' work a forgery

The art world has been rocked by a haul of apparent forgeries by the ‘Moriarty of fakers’ that could cost investors £200 million. The suspect Old Masters – said to be by artists including Frans Hals and Lucas Cranach – have been described as the ‘biggest scandal in a century’. In one case, Sotheby’s has been forced to take back an £8.4 million ‘Frans Hals’ and The Mail on Sunday understands the auction house is now pursuing the London dealer who supplied the painting. Oct.1

A work thought to be by Dutch artist Frans Hals that sold for a reported £8.5m ($10.8m) has been declared fake. Sotheby's said it had "rescinded the sale and reimbursed the client in full" after tests revealed the painting, An Unknown Man, was "undoubtedly" forged. The investigation followed reports that a sophisticated forger is at large. The forger is also believed responsible for a painting attributed to Italian master Orazio Gentileschi that was loaned to the National Gallery. Oct.6

As the two news items above reveal the news about the forgeries first came to light on Oct.1  coinciding with  the New Moon which fell on the same day on the IC at London in a quincunx aspect to Neptune which forms a T-square with Saturn and the nodes.  Here the  Saturn-Neptune square refers to a fake (Neptune)  exposed by the harsh glare of  a reality check (Saturn). Saturn is in the 5th house which among other things  rules  “art galleries” [1].  And adding further detail is the Sabian symbol for the New Moon [8li15].  Phase 189 (Libra 9): Three “Old Masters”  hanging on the wall of an art gallery.

The news continues with the BBC report on Oct.6, that following the disclosure, Sotheby’s has rescinded the sale and reimbursed the client. This is of course a fall out of the New Moon but can also be clearly seen if we start with the Sept. 1 eclipse chart at London. Notice that the eclipse T-square makes hard aspects to the meridian and Neptune (fakery) is placed in the 5th house (art galleries or art works). Further, if we progress the chart to  Oct.6, the eclipse along with its T aligns with the meridian once again bringing the reality check of Saturn on Neptune fakery.

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