Monday, 10 October 2016

The Truth Perspective:Thirty-plus years of Visas for Al-Qaeda

J. Michael Springmann worked for the State Department in the 1980s, in Saudi Arabia. What he witnessed and experienced did not make much sense at the time, but what he later learned put it all in context, and helped to explain the entire course of U.S. foreign policy for the next 30 years. In short, just as the CIA provided funding and training for radical Mujahideen to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, they have been doing the same thing ever since. Prior to 9/11, this legion of foreign fighters was used to destabilize and destroy Yugoslavia. Afterward, Iraq, Libya, and today Syria.

For this entire period of time, al-Qaeda has been a fighting force for America, a fact that has been known for years, but which is only now going mainstream due to American failures and Russian successes in Syria. The following is an extract from  J. Michael Springmann’s webpage.

Thousands of American soldiers and civil servants have lost their lives in the War on Terror. Innocent citizens of many nations, including Americans killed on 9/11, have also paid the ultimate price. While the US government claims to stand against terror, this same government refuses to acknowledge its role in creating what has become a deadly international quagmire. Visas for al-Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked the World sets the record straight by laying the blame on high-ranking US government officials. During the 1980s, the CIA recruited and trained Muslim operatives to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Later, the CIA would move those operatives from Afghanistan to the Balkans, and then to Iraq, Libya, and Syria, traveling on illegal US visas. These US-backed and trained fighters would morph into an organization that is synonymous with jihadist terrorism: al-Qaeda.

In early 1980s the US Sibly progressed Sun (6aq-7aq)  conjoined its S.Node [6aq35] while making a sesquisquare aspect to both  radix Neptune [22vi] and Mars [21ge].

Last year on September 13, a partial solar eclipse fell at [20 Virgo] conjunct the US Sibly Neptune [22Virgo]. And this year on September 16, a lunar eclipse again activated the Sibly Neptune. It  was as though, the cosmos was hell bent on whacking the US Neptune. And since Neptune was square Mars in the Sibly, it refers to the possibility of duplicity (Neptune) in war (Mars) apart from a weakening and disintegration (Neptune) of the war effort (Mars). The eclipse was conjunct the star  Denbola in the hind of the Lion [1]. About Denebola Nick Fiorenza  writes:

This area of late Leo is of foul breezes and smoke screens. It is also of those behind the scenes, of political-religious figureheads manipulating the affairs of the world for personal motive while offering salvation from the human struggle.  It is also of global-level grand spectacle, often time of a diversionary nature created by world powers with hidden agenda .

Mars [21ge22] is conjunct the star Al Hecka [21ge39]. About Al Hecka Nick Fiorenza writes:

Al Hecka, Zeta Taurus, the south horn, is of stalemates, standoffs, and brick walls—fighting old and antiquated crusades—particularly of a religious-political nature—and blindly or automatically continuing the fight out of habitual pattern even though the original purpose behind what we were fighting for is long gone. Al Hecka can express as beating one’s head against the wall, a relentless and futile pursuit. Al Hecka brings attention to when the accomplishment pursued is of a time no longer applicable—the time to surrender the physical struggle and move onward into a field of mutual cooperation.

When eclipses activate planets in our charts, they are essentially saying that we can no longer continue living out the older patterns of response. It is time to graduate.

Saturn is now  moving over the Sibly Ascendant.  But it is not alone. This time it is square Neptune. And the September 1, 2016 eclipse highlights the square forming a Grand Cross with the Sibly horizon axis. About the eclipse Ralfee Finn writes [2]:

This solar eclipse has the potential to be exceptionally powerful because it forms a T-Square to the final exact square between Saturn and Neptune on September 10. The ongoing square between Saturn and Neptune has been and continues to be about knowing the difference between fact and fiction. At worst, under the influence of this solar eclipse those already committed to veiling the truth will be spreading even more stories intended to distract, bamboozle and manipulate already agitated emotional bodies. Consider it an extended, endless episode of Wag the Dog. At best, this eclipse could reveal previously hidden information with the power to clarify muddy waters and provide vital details. And this is not just in the political arena. The power of this T-square is sure to be felt in individual lives. So if you’ve been telling tales to yourself or others or living a lie, get ready for a reckoning.

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