Saturday, 1 October 2016

Why Putin changed his ‘soft’ approach in Syria

Putin is often accused of being too soft in his approach to the  US war  during the Russian campaign in Syria.  His horoscope has his natal Sun [14li] conjunct Saturn [17li] both square Uranus [18cn]. The following extract from Philip Sedgwick’s The Soul of the Sky describes the dynamics connected with the Sombrero Galaxy [14li] which conjoins Putin’s Sun.  Transit Pluto [15cp] stationed direct on September 26  square Putin’s natal Sun and thereby triggering the configuration. Notice how Putin’s  change of approach described below took place just after the American Airforce bombed the Syrian military on September 17 during a ceasefire.

NGC 4594 (M-104, the Sombrero Galaxy)
λtrop: 13 Libra 44 05

 The occupant here often tentatively skirts the real issues. Softspoken and apologetic, where it counts most, the argument is that you get more bears with honey. True. The point goes on to observe whether or not this approach produces thedesired effects. If so, keep on. If not, change course for the most  direct route to specifically and clearly express all desires.

The critical psychic element insists upon preservation of the fun-loving spirit inside. This cannot occur in the face of ongoing emotional compromises. Giving too much weakens the spirit. While there is a tendency to apologize or submit even prior to communication, a stronger way that dignifies the massiveness of the priorities driving the spirit helps.

This new way speaks without an apology. This method declares desire without regard for what
kind of reaction it will receive in return. The issue of fulfillment rages so high that any risk will
be taken in the natural process of expression. Within such clarity, those seeking to connect in one
form or another can determine what kind of dance they have to do together and at what tempo.

Bending over backwards to meet the desires of others might defy the best personal yoga. Pure, straight and narrow commitment to one’s own desire comes first. Then, accommodation is so much easier to swallow.

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