Friday, 2 December 2016

China shelves plans to dam 'angry river'

Environmentalists in China are celebrating after controversial plans to build a series of giant hydroelectric dams on the country’s last free-flowing river were shelved. Activists have spent more than a decade campaigning to protect the Nujiang, or “angry river”, from a cascade of dams, fearing they would displace tens of thousands of people and irreparably damage one of China’s most spectacular and bio-diverse regions. On Friday, campaigners said that appears to have happened after China’s State Energy Administration published a policy roadmap for the next five years that contained no mention of building any hydroelectric dams on the Nu.  Dec. 1

In his post on the September 1, 2016 solar eclipse entitled New Directions, Nick Fiorenza writes:

This New Moon eclipse and lunar cycle is about personal and global leadership, transcendent evolutionary currents, and the use of personal will to direct our evolutionary course with impetus to reassess changing conditions and to change our tack in life accordingly to reach our desired destinations, or it can propel us in new directions.

In the chart for the eclipse drawn for Beijing we find Uranus [24ar] in hard aspect to the eclipse as well as to the MC. Planets that aspect the angles are always the ones which contain a clue  to how a mundane chart is specific for a place. Here Uranus [24ar] is conjunct the star Acamar [23ar30]. Theta (θ) Eridanus, Acamar, is a star in the Celestial River Eridanus.  Acamar is often likened to a dam on the river [1]holding back the forces of life and through which a breakthrough is required [2].  Also here are stars in the constellation  of the Fishes , King Cepheus and his chained daughter Andromeda. Diana Rosenberg writes: “Here the brilliance of King Cepheus and sensitivity of the Fishes work their magic to alleviate the frustrations imposed by Andromeda’s chains….there are questions of acceptance of new ideas vs rigid adherence to traditions”.  With Uranus conjoining the star Acamar, the possibility of the acceptance of the modern view of how harmful dams can be to the environment has won. This is certainly a breakthrough that will allow life to flow!

Going back to the eclipse chart, we notice that Uranus is in hard aspect to Saturn-Mars, at the apex of a T  with Neptune and the nodes.  Neptune and the south node in Pisces is a reference to how we have treated our virgin environments (Neptune) in the past (south node). Uranus in hard aspect to both Saturn and Neptune is coming up with new realizations that go counter to traditional ways (Saturn) of dealing with the environment (Neptune). Progressing the eclipse chart ,which carries Fiorenza’s tag of New Directions, to November 29, when Beijing decided to shelve the project brings  apex Saturn of the T to the descendant thereby triggering it.

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