Thursday, 22 December 2016

Chinese man survives 25 years unknowingly cracking nuts with hand grenade

A man in China has managed to cheat death for 25 years after only recently realizing a mysterious tool he was using to crack walnuts with was actually a hand grenade. The villager from Ankang, in China’s Shaanxi province only became aware of the dangerous item he possessed when he was handed a safety leaflet by police, advising locals on explosives that were illegal to possess. Amongst the items listed was one object that bore a striking resemblance to the man’s trusty nut cracking tool that he had been using for 25 years – a hand grenade.  Dec. 22

The news  from China comes just as the Sun enters Capricorn – an important  event in mundane astrology. A chart for the ingress drawn for Ankang, China has a skewed Grand Cross straddling the horizon axis. Uranus-Pluto is a combination that Ebertin associates with the possibility of sudden accidents including explosions.  Martha Wescott links the TNP Zeus to military hardware and ammunition while a keyword for the TNP Hades  is old. Putting these together we have the sense of  lurking danger from old, unexploded ammunition. However, we notice that  fortunate Jupiter conjoins Zeus  and makes a hard aspect to Mars-S.Node-Neptune all of which are contained in the Arabic lunar mansion Sa'd al-Akhbiyah 4-23 Pisces [1]. This lunar mansion often referred to as the Lucky Star of Hidden Things was associated with a lucky find.  Since the South Node also references the past, with Mars-Neptune we have reinforcement of the possibility of a weakened (Neptune) ammunition (Mars) being fortunately discovered.

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