Sunday, 18 December 2016

Fraudster embezzled millions from a bank

IT was the ultimate bank error in a customer’s favour. Instead of serving two years in jail for spending $2 million wrongly credited to his account, Luke Moore is now a free man. The 29-year-old former bank teller took to Facebook to declare not guilty after the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal overturned his conviction for fraud. December 1, 2016

The news comes just after the New Moon of November 29.  A chart for the New Moon at Golburn, Australia, where Luke Moore lives is shown here.  It is placed in the 5th house square Neptune in the 8th. The 5th house is about extravagance and high living while the 8th rules debt or borrowed money. The presence of Neptune implies a lack of clarity or a mistake by the bank is what led to the problem. But there are other indicators too.  The New Moon is also  in hard aspect to a Venus-Pluto conjunction that forms the apex of a T-square with Uranus-Jupiter placed on the angles. Ebertin gives the following interpretation for Venus-Jupiter and  Jupiter-Pluto.

Venus-Jupiter: Disadvantages through wastefulness or through too rich living.

Jupiter-Pluto: Squanderers and speculators; loss of social standing and of one’s wealth, conflicts with authorities and the executors of governmental power (arrest); the misfortune to lose everything.

Finally, let us not miss the Saturn-Neptune square highlighted by the New Moon. Saturn is the taskmaster that catches the fraudster and removes all illusions.

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