Sunday, 18 December 2016

Gay youngsters are being forced from the family home

Growing numbers of young gay people are being forced from their homes because their parents refuse to accept their sexuality, two leading LGBT charities have warned.

Despite the apparent progress suggested by equality legislation and gay marriage, the Albert Kennedy Trust and Stonewall Housing have reported a “dramatic increase” in young LGBT people being forced into homelessness by parental hostility.

Some young LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people are being “beaten out of their homes” by physically violent parents; others report being sent abroad in an attempt to “cure” them of their homosexuality.  December 19

The current New Moon of Nov. 29 fell on the MC at London highlighting the Last Quarter Saturn-Neptune square as the two planets begin the completion of their journey from one conjunction to the next. The Last Quarter square is possibly the most challenging of all astrological aspects. Dane Rudhyar called it the crisis in consciousness. In his work and in evolutionary astrology, it is seen as the requirement of complete reorientation, a massive deconditioning of what has been taken on in the first three quarters of development. The familiar narratives and paradigms  must dissolve so that aspects of consciousness hitherto unrecognized can emerge.

In its less conscious expression, Saturn in Sagittarius faced with Neptune in Pisces can describe rigid belief structures or fundamentalist logics, threatened by the possibility of dissolution in a sea of images. Working consciously with Saturn–Neptune means that we must accept the loss of the concretized and idealized images of the past and the meanings we have given them, and face our grief as other unbidden or forgotten images arise.

At one end, unconscious Saturn would have us rigidify in denial; at the other, unconscious Neptune would have us accept, and even forgive, prematurely — ironically, also a form of denial. But these planets together mean that we also have to face the stormy seas of anger, sadness, and despair that lie between denial and acceptance. In addition, Neptune is conjunct stars in the Urn of Aquarius. Ptolemy associated the Urn with “moral depravity”.

If we go one step further and pepper the  Saturn-Neptune square with asteroids we have Eros-Child-Toro also in the mix. Eros is an  asteroid that rules sexuality, Child is an obvious reference to young people while Toro translates to bullying or physical intimidation.

The parents of the young gay people are facing anger and despair as their old paradigms about sexuality are being dissolved and the new paradigms have not yet taken shape in society.

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