Sunday, 25 December 2016

German evacuation for WW2 bomb disposal in Augsburg

More than 50,000 residents from the southern German city of Augsburg are being evacuated from their homes so that an operation to defuse a World War Two bomb can get under way on Sunday. It is the country's biggest evacuation for an unexploded bomb since the end of the war. The 1.8-tonne British explosive is thought to have come from a 1944 air raid, which destroyed the old town. It was uncovered during construction work.  Dec. 25

In mundane astrology charts drawn for exact aspects between planets  are considered significant especially if important configurations are highlighted by the angles.  A chart drawn for Mars sesquisquare Jupiter on December 26  at Augsburg brings the Jupiter-Zeus-Uranus-Pluto T-square to the meridian. The exactness takes place just a few minutes before the first Jupiter-Uranus opposition  aligns with the meridian.The TNPs Hades-Kronos form an opposition to apex Pluto. In a previous post about unexploded munition [1], we dealt with this configuration. The following extract from that post is relevant here.

Uranus-Pluto is a combination that Ebertin associates with the possibility of sudden accidents including explosions.  Martha Wescott links the TNP Zeus to military hardware and ammunition while a keyword for the TNP Hades  is old. Putting these together we have the sense of  lurking danger from old, unexploded ammunition. However, we notice that  fortunate Jupiter conjoins Zeus  and makes a hard aspect to Mars-S.Node-Neptune all of which are contained in the Arabic lunar mansion Sa'd al-Akhbiyah 4-23 Pisces [1]. This lunar mansion often referred to as the Lucky Star of Hidden Things was associated with a lucky find.  Since the South Node also references the past, with Mars-Neptune we have reinforcement of the possibility of a weakened (Neptune) ammunition (Mars) being fortunately discovered.

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