Monday, 5 December 2016

India politician J Jayalalitha dies

One of India's most influential and colourful politicians, J Jayalalitha, has died at 68. The chief minister of Tamil Nadu state suffered a heart attack on Sunday night and died at 23:30 local time (18:00 GMT) on Monday, Chennai's Apollo Hospital said. Thousands of her supporters had gathered to pray for her recovery.Extra police have been deployed in the southern state amid fears of unrest among her supporters. The former film star served as Tamil Nadu chief minister four times. She had been receiving treatment for months. Jayalalitha is revered by many but seen by her critics as having created a cult of personality over the years.  Dec.6

The horoscope of J Jayalalitha is shown here. Notice that the Ascendant makes a hard aspect to a stellium of planets in the fourth house. Most prominent in the stellium is a Mars-Moon-Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

Pluto empowers whatever it touches, adding extreme range of depth and height in expression. Saturn represents ambition, effort, and accomplishments that require time to achieve. In a natal chart, Pluto conjunct, square or opposition Saturn is sometimes associated with major accomplishments, even fame.  Pluto empowers Saturnian structure, discipline and ambition to the extreme, making record-breaking feats possible.

Saturn-Pluto aspects are known to be present in the horoscope of dictators. Coincidentally, the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini  [1] also had a similar Mars-Moon-Saturn-Pluto conjunction aspecting his Ascendant.

Jayalalitha’s Ascendant was conjunct  Rucha. Delta (δ) Cassiopeia, Rucha, is a star on the knee of the proud Queen.  The picture of Cassiopeia describes Jayalalitha perfectly.

Jayalalitha’s Ascendant was conjunct  Rucha. Delta (δ) Cassiopeia, Rucha, is a star on the knee of the proud Queen [2][3].  The picture of Cassiopeia describes Jayalalitha perfectly.

In astrology, the Ascendant, Sun and Moon are considered to be important as far as health and vitality are concerned. In Jayalalitha’s chart the progressed Sun [12ta] was forming a square to her radix Pluto [13le]. Since her natal Ascendant was square Pluto-Saturn, this activation became the primary  cause of her death. A secondary factor was transit Saturn [17sa] making an upper quincunx aspect to her natal Ascendant [17ta]. The upper quincunx is often referred to as an aspect of death. With transit Sun [14sa] reaching a conjunction to transit Saturn [17sa] on December 5, a tertiary cause was finally also in place. With natal Saturn-Pluto in Leo (ruler of heart), death  finallycame through a cardiac arrest.  

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