Saturday, 10 December 2016

Marijuana cures Parkinson’s disease

Larry Smith is a former cop who lives in South Dakota. He’s had Parkinson’s for 20 years, which gives him symptoms including severe dyskinesia (uncontrolled movements), loss of voice and tremors. This clip from Ride With Larry, a documentary about him and his extraordinary efforts to address his illness and raise awareness, has gone viral on social media—and it’s easy to see why. This article was originally published by The Influence, a news site that covers the full spectrum of human relationships with drugs. Follow The Influence on Facebook or Twitter. Smith is shown taking medical marijuana for the first time—it is still not legally available in South Dakota. After he puts a drop of cannabis oil under his tongue, the unedited, sped-up film shows the rapid change he undergoes. His involuntary movements end, his hands are steady and he can speak normally. December 9

This  news is most elegantly explained if we begin with the chart for the  total solar eclipse of March 9, 2016 drawn for Vermillion, South Dakota where Larry Smith lives [1]. The eclipse was placed in the 6th house conjunct Neptune as part of a T-square.

6th House - public health, sanitation, food, national service, army, navy, police, civil service, trade unions, working class.

In  the post entitled Neptune - Cosmic Cannabis  Astrocherry writes “Neptune rules all forms of intoxicants, substances, toxins, poisons, anesthetics, and alcohol”.

Saturn which forms the apex of the eclipse T-square is conjunct stars of Ophiuchus, the healer or medicine man.

Putting these elements together we have the possibility that a policeman is cured of an illness through the use of a drug like cannabis ordinarily considered a poison (the serpent of Ophiuchus).
The eclipse chart is so complete that it even points to the nature of illness. How so? Well on the Ascendant is the asteroid Terpsichore square the TNP Hades on the MC.  Martha Wescott gives us the following definitions and interpretation.

HADES: Disgust/distaste; debilitation or deterioration; interest in the past (inc. past lives)—thus history and primitive origins; handling highly detailed work, chores or drudgery; “messy” situations; depressing emotions; research; investigation into the root cause of problems; bowels; vermin or toxins.

TERPSICHORE: Dance, aerobics, exercise that increases flexibility; coordination, agility, grace and mobility; flexion muscles; body image/ego; gestures; body language.

Hades-Terpsichore: The “deterioration” of Hades can affect the musculature here; muscle tissue erodes; possibility of multiple sclerosis or other forms of chronic debilitation.

If we now progress the eclipse chart to December 9, the date of the news, the progressed angles trigger the eclipse T-square.

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