Friday, 2 December 2016

Massive Fire Engulfs One Of Italy's Largest Oil Refineries

Update: Eni, commenting in statement on accident that occurred earlier today, says the fire is now under full control, being extinguished. Affected facility “EST” closed, isolated from rest of plant. Company reiterates no staff injured at refinery. Causes of incident being investigated, information to be passed on to authorities.

According to local press, a massive explosion has rocked one of Italy’s biggest oil refineries in Sannazzaro de' Burgondi, near Pavia, about 40km south of Milan. Local authorities have ordered residents to stay indoors while an emergency plan is activated.  Dec.1

Eclipses  are among the primary “culprits” that cause major events like the refinery fire here. Shown here is the chart for the August 18 lunar eclipse at Milan. Notice that the MC receives hard aspects from Mars-Saturn which form the apex of a T-square with Neptune and the Nodes, as well as Uranus on the descendant. Uranus is in the fire sign Aries conjunct stars of Cepheus who was referred to Inflammatus by the Romans indicating his connection to fires.  Mars and Saturn are conjunct alpha Scorpio - Antares. In ancient China Antares was referred to as the Great Fire.

If we now progress the eclipse chart to December 1, notice that Mars-Saturn with Antares reaches the MC  and therefore not surprisingly gives rise to a great fire. Moreover, the fire takes place in an oil refinery which can be attributed to Mars-Saturn being square Neptune (oil).

The second trigger comes from the current New Moon [8sa] of Nov. 29 which fell on the eclipse Mars-Saturn and Antares. The New Moon was square the nodal axis – a phenomenon referred to as Moon-Wobble that has been linked to freak accidents. A chart for the New Moon at Milan has Neptune (oil) on the Ascendant as part of a T-square with the luminaries and the nodes.

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