Thursday, 1 December 2016

Plastic Island

Midway Atoll, North Pacific Ocean (CNN) -- The distance from humanity yawns out in front of you when you stand on the pale sands of this tiny Pacific island. Midway Atoll is just about the furthest piece of land from civilization and its constant engine whir, data and jostle. Standing on the island's remote shoreline brings a calm and humility -- until you look down at your feet. On the beach lies a motorcycle helmet, a mannequin's head, an umbrella handle, and a flip-flop. They didn't fall from a plane or off a ship, and there aren't any civilians living here who could have left them behind. They were washed in with the tide, most likely from China or the US, thousands of miles away -- part of an enormous plastic garbage patch, spinning in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, which you probably contribute to. And these are just the bits of it we can see. Dec.1,

Eclipses play a very important role in mundane astrology. They appear to pinpoint issues that need our special attention and they can effective for months after they have taken place.  A solar eclipse (a New Moon) is always accompanied by a lunar eclipse (a Full Moon).  If the lunar eclipse follows  a solar eclipse, it brings the message of the solar eclipse to a culmination.

The March 9 Total Solar eclipse was conjunct the dwarf planet Ceres.  

This South Node Solar Eclipse T-Square, and this lunar cycle, creates a powerful force to let go of constructs in our lives that no longer provide room for growth, movement and expansion. In other words, we have grown as far as the limits imposed by those constructs have permitted. It is now time to either begin to change those constructs so they can allow a greater level of growth, expansion and fulfillment, or to dismantle those constructs all together.

Ceres brings awareness to how we nurture and to that which is truly nurturing to us. Ceres embodies mothering and agricultural qualities and brings attention to our relation with the Earth, the land, agriculture, the environment and the seasons. Due to Ceres association with the land and the environment, Ceres is often prominent in charts associated with environmental changes or geophysical events. Ceres reveals our ability to be in universal flow—the unification of giving and receiving as one flow of energy through ourselves. Ceres asks for acknowledgment of our inner needs, to have self love and self worth. Ceres is of concern and caring for others as well as for the Earth.[1]

A chart for the lunar eclipse of March 23 drawn for Midway Atoll has the Full Moon aligned very significantly with meridian. But more important for our discussion  here is the T-square containing Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune-Ceres  straddling the horizon axis.  Both the Jupiter-Saturn and the Saturn-Neptune squares are waning squares which therefore create a crisis of consciousness asking us  to let go of constructs in our lives that no longer provide room for growth, movement and expansion.  If we now progress the eclipse chart to December 1, the date of the news, the T-square arrives on the horizon axis confirming the foregoing analysis.

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