Sunday, 11 December 2016

Radioactive Fish With “Disturbing Fingerprint of Fukushima”

The entire Pacific Coast of the United States, Canada and Mexico has been contaminated with radioactive particles from Fukushima. And finally, it is being officially acknowledged. This is really happening…It is a stark reminder that the effects from Fukushima radiation continually spilling into the ocean have not been abated. The site continues to leak highly toxic radioactive material to this day. Nothing has stopped.  Dec. 9

The source in this story, as well as most of the other “big” stories on Fukushima over the past several years, is Ken Buesseler, from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts. Presented here is (a)  the chart for the Mars-Saturn conjunction of Aug. 2016 drawn for Woods Hole MA (b) an extract from a previous post [1] wherein I indicated that a crisis involving nuclear energy (or by extension radioactivity)  was likely to occur when this chart was activated.

Notice that Mars-Saturn  on the IC  form a T-square with the nodal axis and Neptune on the horizon.  Pisces, the sign which Neptune occupies, is symbolized by Fishes and the Mars-Saturn conjunction is linked to radioactivity as explained below.

On August 24, Mars and Saturn will conjoin at [9sa52]. This conjunction will take place exactly on the IC at Washington,DC in a tense aspect to Uranus. At this time the meridian will align with what is known as the Nuclear Axis. The following extract from Eric Francis’  essay explains what astrologers have come to identify as the Nuclear Axis.

 When the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction occurred, in a makeshift laboratory on a squash court in Chicago (December 2, 1942, at 3:25 pm CWT), a rare conjunction of Saturn and Uranus in Gemini  was rising. This was closely opposed by a conjunction in Sagittarius, including the Sun and Mercury.

Saturn represents structure; in the chain-reaction chart, it was conjunct Uranus (the planet after which man-made Uranium was named), which represents energy and the breaking of structure. With this stressful conjunction, humanity experienced the irreversible breaking of matter, the release of the nuclear force and the beginnings of a long-term relationship with atomic energy and nuclear crisis.

The Nuclear Axis

Repeated nuclear events over the past 58 years have led some astrologers to describe these degrees across early Gemini-Sagittarius as "the nuclear axis," which is highly sensitive to transits. One critical degree in this axis appears to be Saturn's location at the time of the first chain reaction, 8 degrees 56 minutes of Gemini.
Let us understand that this chart like any mundane eclipse or ingress chart can be triggered subsequently when the progressed angles form aspects to the relevant elements.

Exactly as we had anticipated, when the progressed Ascendant reached a conjunction to Mars-Saturn on December 9, we have a story on  radioactivity in fishes caught on the West Coast which is linked  to the Fukushima disaster .

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