Thursday, 1 December 2016

Saturn-Neptune: The unveiling of lies

CODEPINK cofounder Jodie Evans and attorney Inder Comar say Bush administration officials to be held accountable for the deaths, costs, and violations of international law due to the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation.  December 1

The dubious, anonymous "PropOrNot" site listed us as one among 200 or so such websites - witting or unwitting dupes of the Kremlin's propagandists. Thankfully, we're in mostly good company. It's hard to know whether to take them seriously or not. The site gives the impression of perhaps being a too-clever hoax, which would be hilarious given that the Washington Post among others actually takes them seriously. I mean, come on, the first thing you see on their website is a fake interview, conducted by a comedian, with two actors pretending to be Russian propagandists!) Nov.29

The two news items above, appearing just within a few days of each other,  may appear unconnected, but when viewed through the lens of the prevailing Saturn-Neptune, they can be shown to be deeply related.  But first let us answer the question as to why we are looking at the Saturn-Neptune square.  Well, notice that the current  US Sibly solar return chart cast for Washington DC has Saturn-Neptune straddling the horizon axis. Now if we progress it to November 29 -December 1, we find that progressed horizon axis once again triggers the same square.

In astrology, Saturn represents the physical realm, what is often called the “real world” — not theoretical, not philosophical, not poetic, and not intangible, but instead, the nuts-and-bolts construction of reality at its most dense level.  Saturn is about limitations and the hard work of building something over time, through sustained efforts that accrue, step-by-step, or brick-by-brick. From Saturn’s specific point of view, Neptune is crazy — lost in dreams, seduced by unrealistic fantasies, and wishing to escape from life’s responsibilities. Saturn teaches us the importance of the passage of time, and about both the fulfillments possible in life and the harsh realities that life sometimes imposes.[1]

The ongoing square between Saturn and Neptune has been and continues to be about knowing the difference between fact and fiction. At worst, under the influence of this square  those already committed to veiling the truth will be spreading even more stories intended to distract, and manipulate others . At best, this square could reveal previously hidden information with the power to clarify muddy waters and provide vital details. [2]

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