Thursday, 8 December 2016

The plague of red fire ants in Australia

Time is running out to eradicate the deadly red fire ant that is plaguing south-east Queensland and could potentially spread across Australia, a report has found.
An independent review of the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program found there was "only a small window of opportunity left" to wipe out an insect that has the potential to be the worst invasive species to ever cross Australia's borders.
The report, obtained by the ABC, recommended the Federal Government double its efforts and spend $380 million over the next decade on treatment and surveillance to stop the march of the ants.

As in the previous post [1]  we look at the First Quarter Moon chart of December 8. This time we draw it for Canberra, Australia. And sure enough here too with the First Quarter Moon straddling the horizon it is significant for the place. The following extract from the previous post is relevant here:

Meanwhile, the Moon is in the Indian lunar mansion, Shatabhisha  “Requiring a hundred physicians” referring to illnesses that may require a tremendous medical effort. This is also the area connected with Gula, the ancient goddess of healing so that once again resonating with the Ophiuchus  Sun, the quarter Moon is linked to diseases that need to be addressed.

The disease in this case is the spread of the fire ants that threatens to go out of control unless something drastic is done now. Among events linked to stars in the area occupied by Neptune and the quarter Moon, Diana Rosenberg lists “public health threats and responses to them”.  The square from Saturn emphasizes  the crisis and implies that  concrete and practical steps are necessary now.

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